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Aptar Beauty + Home and Lightinderm: A Customization Success Story

We waved 2020 goodbye with the successful launch of the skincare home device Lightinderm, after two years of close collaboration and development with the Aptar Oyonnax customization team and the Aptar Charleval airless experts. Geraldine Decaux, Founder and CEO of Lightinderm, shares how she could not have done it without the experience and dedication of Aptar and the teams involved.

By Allison Kieffer Operational Marketing, Skin Care & Color Cosmetics EMEA
22 Jan 2021

Lightinderm is a French start-up developed within the Paris Santé Cochin – Europe’s largest incubator and business nursery for innovative companies in the field of human health located at the heart of the renowned hospital. It created and developed a skincare home-use device for dermatologic and cosmetic applications. This revolutionary device combines infra-red regenerative light (several types with different wavelengths) with photo-active-packed serums to improve skin concerns, from skin rejuvenation to skin regeneration capacities. For Aptar, the challenge was to develop a perfectly sealed and resistant product, which would also diffuse light rays in the most efficient way to enable activation of the ingredients within the serum.


Q: Why choose Aptar for your project?

Geraldine Decaux, Lightinderm CEO (G.D.): Lightinderm is a brand new concept combining a very innovative phototherapy system with interchangeable capsules infused with photo-active serums. The capsules are in fact mini roll-on airless packages topped with a glass roller ball diffusing the serum and light rays in the most efficient and safest way possible.

This technical and very complex capsule system must combine several properties, according to our very strict technical specifications:

  • Optical properties to diffuse light rays in a specific and efficient way to enable the activation of the active ingredients within the serum,
  • A high level of compatibility with not only cosmetic actives, but also food and medical serums,
  • A well thought-out design allowing a very precise diffusion of the serum through a motorized push-system activated every 15s,
  • Approved for large-scale productions, of course.

For this challenge, we needed to rely on a well-established partner able to meet our demands and requirements in terms of innovation power and overall project support as well as large-scale production experience. We were looking for an agile and creative team that we could trust with high quality standards and proven processes. Gérald Martines, a packaging expert that had been on board with our team from the beginning, recommended Aptar, and we are thrilled with our choice. Aptar has proven an experienced partner with high standards in terms of technical savoir-faire and attention to details, especially regarding aesthetics. But above all, what really made the difference, is the innovation teams of Aptar, and the design custom packaging manager Eric Jacquin – with more than 10 years of experience in plastic processes – who convinced us to entrust our project to this capable and experienced team.


Q: How did the Aptar teams help you achieving your vision?

G.D.: We felt supported at all times by our Custom Packaging Project Manager, Eric Jacquin, and our dedicated Sales Manager, Olivier Gruson, who orchestrated multifunctional ad-hoc teams to meet our demanding agenda. We have worked hand in hand with moulding experts from Aptar Oyonnax and preferred partners recommended by Aptar for tampography. To take up the challenge of the capsule design with an innovative inside airless piston, Aptar created a cross-entity taskforce gathering experts from Aptar Charleval, specialized in premium airless technology. This incredible synergy has helped us create a perfectly sealed and resistant roll-on system with a moving airless piston adjusting to deliver just the right amount of serum.


Q: One last word to sum up your experience with Aptar?  

G.D.: We would never have done it without Aptar, especially without the dedication of Eric, Olivier and the teams. It has been a challenge and we are happy we took this wild ride together! We have encountered many unexpected obstacles but Aptar never let us down, we are proud of this teamwork and of the final result. I was aware of the good reputation of hard work and excellence of Aptar, but I was also pleasantly surprised to discover a great flexibility, creativity and dedication from everyone involved. Thank you!


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