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Aptar Beauty + Home: A Custom Partner for IOMA’s Personalized Cosmetics

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11 Dec 2017

Aptar Beauty + Home is pioneering personalized cosmetics by customizing its best-in-class packaging solution, Serumony, for IOMA, the expert in custom skincare.

IOMA In.Lab is a miniaturized laboratory that allows beauty consultants to specially formulate and dispense more than 40,000 possible combinations of MA CRÈME skincare treatment in just one minute. A new technology was needed to deliver a precise dose of the active ingredients, which is why IOMA chose Serumony by Aptar Beauty + Home. This revolutionary container can deliver hundreds of 0.07 ml microdoses with accuracy to the nearest 0.001 ml. Watch the video below to see IOMA In.Lab in action.

Intuitive and easy-to-use, Serumony’s unique design eliminates waste by delivering a perfectly measured amount of product every time, all with the simple press of a button. And, thanks to its airless technology, Serumony’s watertight cylinder ensures the formula’s integrity remains intact over time. Its metal-free alpha70 pump guarantees compatibility between formula and pack, which helps preserve the effectiveness of active ingredients by reducing the possibility for metallic components to come in contact with the product.

With exceptional design, airless packaging and an innovative application method, Serumony meets IOMA’s unique needs and delivers a satisfying experience to its customers.

New experiences, new application rituals… Aptar Beauty + Home is driving the future of cosmetics through innovation. 

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