Serumony Airless Dropper

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The airless precision dropper for your most precious formulas.

Serumony features a patented dispensing technology which allows a controlled and precise application. The airless dropper technology guarantees the protection of even the most fragile formulas with an excellent product evacuation rate and leakproof 360° dispensing. Serumony features a wide range of personalization and decoration options.

Key Features:​

  • Adapted to gel and liquid formulas (eye treatments, serums…)
  • Volume: 10, 15 ml
  • Top fill airless piston
  • Full packaging available with ISCC certified chemical recycled copolyester
  • Available in EMEA region

Why Choose Serumony?

  • Science Meets Design
  • High-precision Dispensing
  • Airless Benefits
  • Recycled Material

Luxury meets science with this high-precision see-through pipette dispensing system. Its upside down push button delivers just the right dose of your precious formula in a simple and intuitive gesture.

The push-button actuator allows for a controlled dosage: only one drop of serum is delivered per actuation. You can easily control the product flow by adjusting the pressure on the actuator.

Serumony is the perfect packaging to keep precious formulas, such as serums, concentrates or special treatments that need targeted application. The airless technology guarantees optimal formula protection (no contact with air, light, dust or external pollution), no formula waste (above 90% evacuation rate) and a 360° dispensing.

Serumony is now available with ISCC certified chemical recycled copolyester for its full packaging.

Serumony is also compatible with haircare formulas for precise drop-by-drop dispensing close to the roots.

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