Aptar Named Among JUST Capital’s Top 10 Companies Leading in Reducing Environmental Impact

Aptar is named among JUST Capital’s Top 10 Companies Leading in Reducing Environmental Impact.

18 May 2021

JUST Capital asked more than 4,500 people in the U.S. to compare 19 issues essential to just business, which are classified according to the stakeholders they most impact: Workers, Customers, Communities, Environment and Shareholders. Aptar is ranked first in its industry in the category of Environment (how a company reduces its environmental impact) and second overall in this category.

The list of ten companies includes: Dell, Aptar, IBM, Mastercard, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Alphabet, Cisco Systems, NVIDIA and Best Buy. Aptar is recognized for conducting product lifecycle assessments, its commitment to evaluating and improving circularity through membership in the Ellen McArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy and the CE100 Network and its renewable energy target, with approximately 85% of its 2020 global electricity consumption coming from renewable sources.

“Aptar is focused on minimizing negative operational impacts, while also increasing positive community impacts,” said Beth Holland, Vice President, Global Sustainability. “As we continue to work to actively reduce greenhouse gas emissions, source renewable energy and minimize waste, we aspire for our processes to give back more than they consume. Our cross-functional teams manage a dedicated Energy Management Strategy for energy efficiency, optimization and renewable energy within all levels of the organization.”

JUST Capital measured environmental performance using several metrics including carbon emissions, pollution reduction, and some industry-specific metrics on sustainable products and services. According to JUST Capital, analysis shows that companies who are leading on environmental issues are outperforming their peers. The full article can be found here.

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