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Aptar Pharma and Propeller Health launch digital medicine platform

Aptar Pharma and Propeller Health Partner to Develop Digital Medicine Platform Across Therapeutic Areas

30 May 2018

Aptar Pharma, a leading provider of innovative drug delivery systems, and Propeller Health, a leading digital therapeutics company, have announced a collaboration to launch a comprehensive platform for developing digital medicines for multiple therapeutic areas and diseases.

Digital medicines can help to personalize treatments, monitor patients in real-time, detect day-to-day changes in disease condition and increase patient adherence.

The collaboration will cover inhaled, injectable, nasal and dermal medicine delivery forms, combining software with connected drug delivery devices to more effectively treat diseases and improve clinical outcomes for patients, as well as lowering healthcare costs.

Both companies will work together with pharmaceutical and healthcare partners to accelerate bringing digital medicines for leading marketed and pipeline brands to market, with Propeller Health managing the digital services and Aptar Pharma managing the device development, manufacturing and supply chain.

The two companies initially partnered in 2016 to develop the world’s first fully-integrated connected metered dose inhaler (cMDI).

In addition to expanding the partnership, Aptar Pharma has made a strategic equity investment of $10 million in Propeller Health during their latest funding round.

Salim Haffar, President of Aptar Pharma, commented, “Aptar Pharma has been providing innovative drug delivery systems for nearly 50 years, helping billions of patients around the world. Today, we are excited to broaden our offerings as we continue this journey towards improved patient care and clinical outcomes by growing our partnership with Propeller Health, the leader in their field of digital therapeutics.”

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