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Aptar Pharma Hosts Webinar on Derisking the Development of Sensitive Injectables with PremiumCoat®

Aptar Pharma will host a live educational webinar entitled “Derisking the Development of Sensitive Injectables with PremiumCoat®”.

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June 6, 2024
9:00 AM London / 4:00 PM Beijing


June 6, 2024 4:30 PM London / 11:30 AM New York
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Presented by Sébastien Cordier
3 Apr 2024

In an era where the integrity of sensitive injectables is paramount, Aptar Pharma is proud to announce an upcoming educational webinar titled “Derisking the Development of Sensitive Injectables with PremiumCoat®: Our Proven ETFE Film-Coated Platform.”

This webinar is set to explore the vital role of primary containers in maintaining drug integrity from production through to administration and the innovative solutions available to mitigate risks associated with primary container systems.

The primary container’s role in the pharmaceutical supply chain is critical, as it is in direct contact with the drug product, ensuring the drug’s integrity throughout production, packaging, distribution, storage, and administration phases. Any issue related to the primary container can lead to serious adverse effects on patients or healthcare practitioners, with significant financial repercussions for drug manufacturers. The increasing reliance on highly sensitive vaccine technologies and biologics further strains the supply chain for ETFE-coated closure components, highlighting the need for reliable alternatives to support new drug development and ensure supply through strategic sourcing.

This webinar will showcase how simulated leachable studies can evaluate the effectiveness of ETFE film coating in reducing the variety and amount of compounds leached from rubber. Through the assessment of various model solvents and the application of chromatography and mass spectrometry techniques, the advantages of employing the PremiumCoat® ETFE film-coated platform for protecting sensitive formulations will be highlighted.

The webinar is tailored for professionals in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, including R&D managers and directors, quality managers and directors, packaging development managers and directors, industrialization managers and directors, regulatory affairs managers and directors, project managers, and drug development professionals.

Participants will gain insights into the impact of extractables and leachables on patient safety, how ETFE film coating can significantly reduce extractables and leachables, thereby enhancing drug safety and efficacy. And an in-depth understanding of the PremiumCoat® ETFE film-coated platform of vial stoppers and syringe plungers as a protective solution for sensitive formulations.

Presented by a leading expert in injectable drug delivery, this webinar promises to be an invaluable resource for those looking to stay ahead in the development of safe, effective pharmaceutical products.

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