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Aptar Pharma Hosts Webinar on Optimizing Preclinical Programs for Intranasal and Pulmonary Programs

Aptar Pharma is set to host an engaging and informative live webinar titled “Optimizing Preclinical Programs for Intranasal and Pulmonary Programs”

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March 26, 2024
9:00 AM London / 4:00 PM Beijing


March 26, 2024 3:30 PM London / 11:30 AM New York
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Presented by Julie D. Suman, Aptar Pharma Conor A. Ruzycki, Lovelace Biomedical
22 Jan 2024

Aptar Pharma is proud to sponsor an upcoming webinar titled “Optimizing Preclinical Programs for Intranasal and Pulmonary Programs,” for the review of drug development and preclinical studies. This webinar will shed light on the critical role of drug delivery systems in the design of preclinical studies for pulmonary and nasal drug therapies.

Preclinical studies serve as a cornerstone in assessing the feasibility and safety of new drugs. While scientific guidelines exist from entities like the FDA and European Medicines Agency for non-clinical testing, the selection of drug delivery systems within preclinical studies remains an area less standardized.

This webinar aims to fill this knowledge gap by discussing the significance of drug delivery systems in the design of preclinical pulmonary and nasal drug studies. Experts will explore existing delivery strategies across various animal species, with a focus on the pros and cons of administration in small animals such as mice and rats.

The session will also delve into several case studies showcasing intranasal drug delivery using novel insufflators and micro-sprayers. The benefits and strategies for designing effective preclinical programs utilizing these innovative platforms will be thoroughly examined.

This webinar will be led by two experts in the field; Dr Julie Suman, Vice President Scientific Affairs, Aptar Pharma and Dr. Conor Ruzycki, Associate Research Specialist at Lovelace Biomedical, both of whom bring extensive experience and knowledge in preclinical drug development and delivery systems.

By attending this webinar, attendees will gain insights into navigating the complexities inherent in preclinical research and discover the methodologies involved in preclinical studies, particularly in small animal models. The expert speakers will also provide guidance on strategizing and planning effective preclinical programs in line with current scientific and regulatory frameworks.

The webinar is expected to be of interest to Heads of Research and Development, University Research Departments, Veterinary Researchers, New Product Development Teams, Hospital Clinical Researchers, Scientific Collaborators, Scientists, and Senior Scientists.

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