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Inhalation Drug Delivery

Inhalation drug delivery is a core competency at Aptar Pharma. We provide end-to-end support for the development of inhalation drug delivery products from early stage pre-formulation work to finished product release testing.

With a broad range of advanced inhalation devices combined with comprehensive support services, Aptar Pharma is an award-winning partner to innovator companies in the Orally Inhaled and Nasal Drug Product (OINDP) product space. Our inhaler drug delivery device technologies underpin some of the most successful commercially approved asthma and COPD therapeutics on the market. Whether it’s accelerating bringing your new asthma inhaler product to market or it’s repositioning an existing product into a more sustainable formulation, Aptar Pharma is your ideal partner for inhaler drug delivery solutions.


Large Range of Inhalation Technology Platforms

Aptar Pharma offers one of the widest ranges of inhaler drug delivery devices. Our range includes pressurized metered dose inhalers (pMDIs), BAIs (Breath Actuated Inhalers) and DPIs (Dry Powder Inhalers). Our DF30 metering valve platform enables reliable and consistent doses of drug to be delivered to the patient’s airways. The DF30 has been a critical part of numerous commercially important asthma products in major markets. Powdered inhaler formulations are also possible with our Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI) devices.

Orbital™ is an innovative new dry powder inhaler that delivers a high payload powder drug formulation directly to the lungs via an adaptable, hand-held inhaler device.

When patient adherence is critical for the treatment of chronic respiratory conditions such as asthma and COPD, our Prohaler® System offers pre-metered multi-dose DPI delivery.

The first-in-class PureHale® system represents a ready-to-use, nebulizer-like device that delivers a fine mist of saline or natural ingredient formulations to relieve symptoms via the upper respiratory system.

We support all our drug delivery devices with training devices so that patients and Health Care Professionals (HCPs) can practice their inhalation technique and have confidence that they can use the device when it counts the most.

Regulatory Support for OINDP Products

Aptar Pharma brings substantial regulatory expertise to every OINDP drug delivery project. Having successfully partnered with our customers over several years on commercialized products, including for asthma and COPD indications, our regulatory support teams have the experience, data, documentation, and drive to support customers taking their inhalation products to market.

Our advanced DF30 metering valves for asthma inhalers have been incorporated in major OINDP products over the last 25 years allowing Aptar Pharma to develop unrivalled metering valve data to support regulatory requirements but also to continue to improve its performance and function over time.

This includes regulatory support for the development of sustainable pressurized metered dose inhalers and other asthma inhalers. No matter the stage of development, we can provide regulatory support packages and specialist technical specialist support from our experienced OINDP drug delivery scientists.

Sustainable Options

Customer and patients alike are demanding more sustainable solutions for inhaled drug delivery. At Aptar Pharma we strive to enhance the recyclability, circularity and efficiency of our technologies to meet that growing need. Our experienced R&D teams are always striving to improve the sustainability of new devices and improving upon existing products. We apply unique Eco-Design tools that incorporate Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) functionalities that help assess the impact of every new device on the environment, while still in the design stage. Key performance indicators of the tools include the CO2 footprint, recyclability, and circularity.

Global decarbonization efforts in the OINDP drug delivery category have resulted in Aptar Pharma supporting clients to transition away from traditional HFA propellants towards newer Lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) options such as HFO1234ze and HFA P152a. With dedicated facilities designed to fill these new propellants, we can test and develop data to support our customer’s move to more sustainable propellant options. These examples are all part of our broader long-term strategic objectives to reduce our impact on the environment through the design, manufacture and support of our inhaler drug delivery devices.

Digital Healthcare Solutions

Aptar Pharma is advancing its products to stay at the leading edge of technology. Our Digital Healthcare Solutions offering enhances existing and new devices with digital connectivity, monitoring and patient adherence technologies. Our patient friendly and easy to use digital technologies are designed to integrate with many of our inhalers. These digital solutions add value and function to our devices but do not impact the respiratory drug delivery path or the device filling process during manufacturing.

Chronic conditions such as asthma and COPD can benefit from dose administration scheduling reminders, adherence monitoring and convenient connectivity to provide enhanced visibility to patient compliance. The future of OINDP drug delivery technology goes hand in hand with our Digital Healthcare features.

Integrated Development and Support Services

Not only do we offer our customers the widest array of inhaler drug delivery devices and world class specialist development and manufacturing services, but we also act like a true partner to our customers.

Our technical, scientific and regulatory teams work cooperatively with our customers providing them with all the benefits of our decades of experience as inhalation drug delivery device specialists. We offer fully integrated services from formulation to patient or just the part you need, like supply of industry leading devices with global security of supply. We take an integrated approach to our business and always look at the bigger strategic picture. We put it all together for you in a simplified offering. Our laboratory analytical testing services offer specialized approaches, including unique technical models to determine inhalation efficiency or deposition patterns. Aptar Pharma strives to operate as true partners to our valued customers.

Engage Aptar Pharma on your next OINDP drug delivery project and experience the Aptar Pharma difference.

Aptar Pharma is an associated member of IPAC-RS, the International Pharmaceutical Aerosol Consortium on Regulation & Science.

IPAC-RS has been the leading voice of OINDP (orally inhaled and nasal drug products) for over 20 years. Through joint research and multiple activities, IPAC-RS has developed best practices, contributed to advances in science-based regulatory approaches, ensuring the availability, safety, efficacy and quality OINDP.

IPAC-RS works collaboratively across the industry and with external experts from regulatory agencies, standard-setting bodies, academia, pharmacopeias, healthcare providers and patient groups. IPAC-RS shares its findings through publications, online tutorials, in-person training courses, webinars, and conferences.

“IPAC-RS membership is important to Aptar Pharma’s mission in bringing innovative drug delivery solutions to market. In fact, connecting with industry members around the world facing the same challenges, sharing views on rapidly evolving regulations, anticipating and even exceeding future regulatory requirements is so important to us”.

Guillaume Brouet, VP Analytical, Regulatory and Scientific Affairs and Tanguy Coradin, Senior Director Regulatory Affairs.

Learn more about IPAC-RS

Inhalation Drug Delivery Scientific Leadership

Convenience, Reliability and Choice

We design, develop and manufacture a broad range of innovative, patient-centric OINDP drug delivery solutions for complete customer solutions.

Supporting Every Stage of Your Development Journey

From formulation to patient, we support you with integrated formulation, analytical, development and regulatory services at every stage of the inhaled drug development process.

Accelerating and Derisking Your OINDP Drug Delivery Project

Our experience and data driven track record of success allows us to guide customers through the complex and evolving regulatory landscape.

Enabling a digital and more sustainable future

With Digital Healthcare options to provide connectivity and monitoring capabilities and sustainability incorporated into everything we do, Aptar Pharma is ideally positioned as your  partner ifor Inhaler Product development and supply.

Aptar Pharma OINDP Drug Delivery Knowledge

We strongly believe in the benefits of sharing scientific knowledge and advancement of the OINDP product sector. Please visit our Knowledge Hub for the latest information on our webinars, case studies and publications in OINDPs.

We also co-sponsor and co-organize RDD Europe conference, which is one of the world’s largest respiratory drug delivery conferences so that we can connect and share with the larger OINDP drug delivery community.

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