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Advanced Oral Liquid Dispensing

Aptar Pharma’s Range of Oral Liquid Spray Pump & Dropper Technology

Oral liquid dispensing can be used to deliver a range of different Over the Counter (OTC), consumer health and vitamin, mineral, supplement (VMS) products. These oral dispensing applications are becoming increasingly popular due to the inherent portability, convenience, and precision of dosing the format offers to patients and consumers. Oral liquids can be administered in the form of sprays, drops, gels or liquids that can be used for local topical, ingestion or systemic delivery routes. With all of these options, oral liquid dispensing products, may also provide new opportunities for product and brand differentiation as well enhanced delivery performance.

Advancing Oral liquid Dispensing with Aptar Pharma

Aptar Pharma has created a range of advanced oral liquid dispensing technologies, including spray pumps, droppers and gel dispensers. These oral liquid dispensing systems are all supported with Aptar Pharma’s specialized services to accelerate and derisk the development process. Our integrated in-house product development services, comprehensive analytical capabilities, and regulatory and documentation support along with reliable dispenser supply makes Aptar Pharma your trusted source for oral liquid dispensing technologies.

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Oral liquid dispensing routes

Oral liquid products can use a range of advanced dispensing technologies to deliver spray, drop, gel, or liquid formats via ingestion, local mouth or throat applications or absorbed through the oral mucosa by sublingual or buccal routes.

Consumer & Patient Benefits of Oral Liquid Dispensing

Products dispensed as oral liquids can provide a convenient, hygienic, on-the-go format that’s easy to use for patients. Precise dosing and rapid onset of action are additional benefits of oral liquid dosing.

Aptar Pharma’s experience in oral dispensing and applications

Aptar Pharma provides a wide range of oral spray pump and dropper technologies supported with a complement of development, analytical and commercialization support to OTC and consumer health brands globally.

Aptar Pharma’s Oral Liquid Dispensing Technology Solutions

Aptar Pharma offers a portfolio of oral dispensing technologies such as spray pumps, droppers, and dispensers including our VP6, Classic Line, Airless+ and APFPLUS systems.

Sustainable Oral Liquid Dispensing Solutions from Aptar Pharma

Aptar Pharma uses its ISCC PLUS certified sites that enable a mass balance approach to track the use of alternative materials or reduced material quantities to produce circular solutions including fully recyclable liquid dispensing systems. We are committed to bringing more circular solutions to our customers.

Oral Liquid Dispensing Routes

Oral delivery products can come in a range of formulation types including spray, drop, gel, or liquids designed for a variety of different oral delivery routes, each with their own advantages.

Orally ingested – Oral products for systemic applications can be designed for delivery by oral ingestion with absorption occurring through the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. This approach is commonly used for Consumer Health Care (CHC) oral liquids or syrups for indications such as cold & flu, analgesics, digestive aids or vitamins, minerals, and supplements (VMS).

Oral Topical – Some orally dispensed products are designed to target the mouth or throat locally. These can include products such as sore throat sprays, topical analgesics, oral disinfectants, mouth-ulcer, or soothing sprays.

Sublingual / Buccal – Oral liquid dispensed products such as VMS, can be formulated to be efficiently absorbed under the tongue or on the inside of the cheeks. This convenient delivery method has been utilized for vitamins such as melatonin or vitamin D and nicotine replacement therapy because it can accelerate the onset of action by avoiding the intestinal uptake  pathway.

Consumer & Patient Benefits of Oral Liquid Dispensing

Oral liquid dispensed products offer a host of benefits to patients and customers alike. Ideal for patients unable to swallow, oral sprays or drops can be a simple delivery route for infants, toddlers, or the elderly. Oral spray and oral drop dispensers are portable and require no water to administer. Oral spray pumps represent an easy to handle, worry-free option that delivers reliable and precise dosing for improved patient compliance. Oral spray pump technology can provide targeted topical administration of liquid products to the mouth or throat for local treatments, with oral spray treatment for sore throat a prime example. The soreness of the throat is typically caused by inflammation from viral or bacterial infections.  Antiseptic oral sprays can be useful in treating the viral or bacterial source of the inflammation, while local analgesic sprays can be an effective route to pain reduction. Oral liquid dispensing is an increasingly popular choice for consumers because it provides a clean and hygienic dosing format that’s easy to use. Oral liquid products designed for absorption via the oral mucosa can provide rapid onset of action for faster treatment of symptom relief. Products that are applied with oral liquid dispensers are growing in popularity, as demonstrated in a recent IQVIA report1, can also provide opportunities for product and brand differentiation.


[i] Retail Sales IQVIA OTCims Western Europe Pharmacy Channel, MAT Oct 2018 to 2022, CHC1 04 Vitamins, Mineral & Nutritional supplements and 13 (Calm/Sleep & Mood Enhancing products)

Aptar Pharma’s Experience in Oral Dispensing and Applications

For over 45 years Aptar Pharma has been innovating modular oral spray pump technology for ingested, topical, buccal, and sublingual applications, particularly applied to those in the cough & cold, liquid nutritional supplements and gastrointestinal markets. We offer a large portfolio of modular oral dispensing solutions that have been successfully launched in markets around the world for OTC to consumer health care brands. Aptar Pharma brings advanced high-quality oral dispensing technologies to customers along with available development, analytical and regulatory support. Our decades of experience in oral liquid dispensing development and manufacturing have helped us earn the trust of innovator and generic product owners.

Aptar Pharma’s Oral Liquid Dispensing Technology Solutions

Aptar Pharma offers a wide range of oral dispensing technologies such as spray pumps, droppers, and dispensers capable of delivering products of varied viscosities.  With numerous actuator options Aptar Pharma’s portfolio of oral dispensing technologies can meet the dosing and application requirements of today’s oral liquid products.

VP6 – Our VP6 pump system is ideal for oral dispensing applications. It comes with a variety of actuator choices such as fixed or swivelling cannula, topical and dropper actuators capable of dispensing sublingual, buccal and throat spray products. Our VP6 spray pump systems can provide precise oral dosing ranges of 50 µl to 220 µl, and are also suitable for viscous drug formulations.

Classic Line – Aptar Pharma’s Classic Line pump system is equipped with topical, dropper, and gel actuators. Our Classic Line pump system is suitable for a variety of formulations and can dispense a wide range of dosing volumes from 30 µl to 500 µl. An optional inverted (upside-down) dispensing function is an available feature with this product line.

  • APFPLUS – Aptar Pharma’s Advanced Preservative FreePLUS technology can provide precise multidose oral spray pump dispensing of preservative free liquid formulations with available 360-degree functionality options. Producing a round spray pattern of fine mist, the APFPLUS oral spray pump system is capable of dispensing a range of buccal, topical and sublingual oral spray products.Airless+ – Aptar Pharma’s Airless+ dispensing systems provide precise dosing and strong protection for semi-solid or gel formulations. The design of Aptar Pharma’s Airless+ dispensers are optimized for convenient, on-the-go oral delivery with a range of actuator shapes and dose volumes. Composed of medical grade resins our Airless+ dispensers can achieve excellent AAA recyclability certification ratings from cyclos-HTP.

Sustainable Oral Liquid Dispensing Solutions from Aptar Pharma

Aptar Pharma has made sustainability a strategic part of their business. The company has mandated that all new products will utilize their proprietary EcoDesign tools to enhance their sustainability through improved recyclability, multi-dose capabilities, and overall circularity. Our VP6 oral spray pump systems can use renewable feedstocks and are made at ISCC PLUS certified facilities that use a mass balance approach. Aptar Pharma’s Airless+ dispensers can be made of medical grade resins and renewable feedstocks. The Airless+ dispensing system was designed for greater recyclability, and achieved a AAA rating for excellent recyclability from cyclos-HTP, a leading independent recyclability certification organization.  Aptar Pharma takes a multi-faceted approach to maximizing the sustainability of new and existing oral delivery technologies.

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Aptar Pharma’s Oral Dispensing with Spray Pump and Dropper Technology

Oral Liquid Dispensing Delivery Route

Advancing Oral Liquid Dispensing Products at Every Stage

With one of the largest selections of oral liquid dispensing systems in the industry, Aptar Pharma has continued to advance oral spray pump, dropper, and dispenser technology. Our oral liquid dispensing solutions are supported with specialized oral delivery product development services, reliable clinical and commercial supply and comprehensive regulatory documentation and expertise that can help bring products to market faster. No matter the stage of development or commercialization, Aptar Pharma can serve as a reliable supply partner supported with unique expertise for oral liquid dispensing products.