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Aptar Pharma is a world-leading supplier of injectable packaging components. Whether you are developing sensitive biologics, vaccines, small molecules or generics, our vial stoppers, pre-filled syringe closure components and advanced parenteral closure solutions can accelerate and derisk your project, while striving to ensure patient safety.

We are shaping the future of injectables, together with our Pharma partners.

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The pharmaceutical ecosystem is evolving rapidly

For over 50 years, Aptar Pharma has been supporting the development of injectable drugs with pre-filled syringes, vials, lyophilization and cartridge components. Leveraging this experience in rubber formulation together with world-class manufacturing processes and analytical services, we partner with your drug development teams to help you select the best injectable rubber closure for your needs and get you to market in no time.

We’re Transforming Your Expectation Of What An Injectables Partner Can Be

Increasing capacity to ensure long-term security of supply

Aptar Pharma has successfully launched its large-scale, $180 million expansion program. Initiated in 2020, this multisite international endeavor is set to significantly enhance production capacity across all product lines, enabling the delivery of over 10 billion injectable components annually once completed.

The expansion program already delivered a new extension to the existing factory in Granville, France with a focus on PremiumCoat® and PremiumFill® manufacturing. A new extension is also being built in Congers, USA and is bringing product manufacturing on the US soil for the first time. The acquisition of Hengyu in Weihai, China, also brings extra capacity as well new products dedicated to the Asian market.

The crown jewel of this expansion program is the new, state-of-the-art manufacturing plant being built in Granville, France, meters away from our original manufacturing plant. This new facility is already housing a brand-new rubber mixing line that will feed extra manufacturing lines dedicated to PremiumCoat® and rigid needle shields manufacturing. With the construction already completed, our new factory will deliver its first commercial batch as early as March 2024.

Expanding capabilities to enable safety & efficacy for your drugs and your operations

Our expansion is attuned to the needs of the market regarding increased quality. In addition to the extra capacity that we are building, we are investing in state-of-the-art technologies to help you meet the rising regulatory expectations of the market and enable the safe delivery of millions of doses to your patients worldwide.

Particulate cleanliness and contamination control are at the heart of our expansion program. With the recent implementation of Annex 1 revision of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), sterile drug manufacturers must be able to demonstrate the implementation of a Contamination Control strategy (CCS), which encompasses their whole manufacturing process from suppliers to the finished products. At Aptar Pharma, we are expanding our cleanroom manufacturing capabilities to ensure the cleanliness of our injectable closure components.

We are also developing automation at all from the earliest stages of rubber mixing, to components molding and final washing, We’re using state-of-the-art robotization and digitalization to improve reproducibility and traceability while mitigating  human-related contamination.

We are investing, partnering with you and striving for your success

At Aptar Pharma, we believe that partnership is at the heart of every success. This is why we have been dedicated, for over 50 years, to working closely with our customers to ensure that your needs are being addressed efficiently and rapidly. Our experts will work with your teams to ensure that our solutions meet your expectations.

In a time where the market is undergoing major changes, where security of supply and flexibility have become essential, we have developed our industrial tools to be adaptable to our customers’ supply needs. In addition to having designed our new factory with modularity in mind and allowing for rapid reorganization of our production mix, we are ready to further extend our production capacity for our PremiumCoat®, PremiumFill® and rigid needle shield products.

Sustainability at the heart of our transformation

With our new factory in Granville, France, we took our sustainability initiative to the next level by achieving LEED silver certification and by being part of the water stewardship program. We have also optimized our utilities for energy efficiency and installed solar panels for on-site energy production.

Robotization is also one of the many ways Aptar Pharma promotes wellbeing and safety at work by diminishing physical strains on our colleagues and risks of accidents. These transformations also help promote equity at work, in line with Aptar’s sustainability commitment.

Development Services For Accelerating and Derisking Your Drug Development

Aptar Pharma supports your drug development beyond parenteral packaging components

Because we understand that our customers’ success goes beyond the supply of closure components, Aptar Pharma has dedicated the past decade to building up our service capabilities. In addition to developing customized injectables solutions for our customer’s most specific requirements, we are leveraging the expertise of Gateway Analytical to provide a wide range of parenteral analytical services to help our customers select, validate or troubleshoot your packaging. These services include particle counting, sizing and identification, Container Closure Integrity Testing (CCIT) and extractable & leachable studies.

By working with Noble, our customers can also go beyond drug development to focus on our patients’ experience and ensuring they adhere to their treatment. To that end, Noble offers human factor studies and develops training devices to help onboard patients and ensure your delivery system answer their needs.

To further promote long-term treatment adherence and enhance patient experience, Aptar Digital Health offers innovative digital solutions that support every step of the patient journey. From connected devices to digital patient support programs, our solutions can round-up your product benefits, help you differentiate from competition and improve the lives of millions of patients worldwide.

Injectable Product Solutions

We have been setting the standards in injectable drug delivery for decades, offering a wide range of high-quality, market-leading components for all your injectable challenges. We partner with major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and offer a wide range of injectable components as well as support services, including analytical testing, regulatory support and post launch support.

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