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Leaders in Nasal Drug Delivery System Manufacturing

Aptar Pharma is a global leader in the supply and manufacture of nasal drug delivery technologies, including liquid and powder nasal spray systems. With a global network of manufacturing facilities, Aptar Pharma has the reach, scale and capability to provide continuity of supply for a wide range of drug delivery systems at virtually any scale. Aptar Pharma’s experienced and dedicated staff have the talent and resources needed to maintain and grow our leadership in nasal drug delivery system development and manufacturing in the Global Pharmaceutical market.

Nasal System Development

Aptar Pharma’s nasal system manufacturing is fully supported with robust production, and flexible leading edge development services. Key elements include:

  1. Nasal System Development Services
  2. Nasal System Manufacturing Capabilities
  3. Nasal System Manufacturing Quality Control & Compliance
  4. Nasal Product Development Support
  5. Filling Line Support

Nasal System Development Services

As leading nasal spray system manufacturing experts, we always consider the practical manufacturability of our systems, ensuring that they can be efficiently scaled up to commercial production volumes. Not only are we focused on designing the most innovative, high-quality nasal drug delivery systems, but we also deploy Eco-design tools to maximize the sustainability and circularity of our products. This is part of Aptar Pharma’s strategic commitment to continuously reducing the carbon footprint generated by the nasal drug delivery systems we manufacture, contributing to a more sustainable planet. Aptar Pharma’s system development capabilities also offer the customer the flexibility to produce custom system features or designs to meet product specific challenges or requirements.

Nasal System Manufacturing Capabilities

Our network of high-quality manufacturing facilities uses modern production techniques including, precision injection molding and automated high speed assembly systems. Aptar Pharma operates ISO Class 7 manufacturing clean rooms for manufacturing operations such as nasal spray pump assembly.

Nasal System Manufacturing Quality Control & Compliance

Our global manufacturing network of sites prioritize the quality and compliance of our nasal drug delivery systems. Aptar Pharma’s solutions, across all our business lines, are included in over 100 U.S. FDA approved NDA or ANDA products submitted by our customers.

Nasal Manufacturing Development Services

Aptar Pharma continues to invest in the development of advanced nasal product and technology systems so that it remains a leader in the category. Companywide, 10% of our staff are always dedicated to research and development (R&D) in our advanced R&D centers. We utilize leading edge technologies such as 3D modelling with artificial intelligence (AI) to efficiently optimize our system or component designs.

3D printing capabilities allow Aptar Pharma R&D to make design changes and print a new prototype in only hours whereas custom molded prototypes could take weeks to manufacture by conventional methods. You can even scale to low volume prototype nasal system manufacturing in only weeks for 3D printed mold cavities or cores.

Aptar Pharma’s AERONOSE® Nasal Cast in-vitro nasal spray modelling tools were co-developed with the University of Tours, France. They support the development of targeted nasal spray systems capable of delivering formulations via the nose to the brain or olfactory targeted drug delivery routes. It provides Aptar Pharma’s scientists with detailed information about spray deposition patterns over targeted areas of the nasal cavity to support design and optimization.

Another key consideration in the design of our nasal drug delivery systems is human factors. Noble, an Aptar Pharma company, performs human factor studies to ensure the nasal spray devices can be easily and effectively used by patients to self-administer the nasal product.

All these nasal development capabilities means that Aptar Pharma is ideally positioned to design manufacturable nasal drug delivery systems of the highest quality, functionality and compliance.

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Nasal Product Filling Line Support

Once you’ve selected your Aptar Pharma nasal drug delivery system we provide services and support to make the implementation on your production line seamless. Our nasal product manufacturing experts can offer filling line trial support to help you get your production process up and running faster.

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