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Advancing Nutritional Supplements through Oral Liquid Dispensing

Advantages of Liquid Delivery Formats for Oral Application

Oral liquid formulations are becoming increasingly popular in the Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements (VMS) category which includes food and nutritional supplements along with nutraceutical and dietary products. As a result, oral spray pumps and oral droppers are increasingly important for the packaging and delivery of these important consumer products. Oral liquid dispensing can be conveniently achieved  through ingestion via the gastrointestinal tract or by systemic absorption through the mouth mucosa via buccal or sublingual spray administration.

For innovator or CDMO companies that are developing liquid or semi-liquid gel formulations at virtually any scale, Aptar Pharma can support your oral liquid dispensing needs. Our industry leading portfolio of oral dispensing technologies, including liquid dropper or spray pump options, can efficiently support the development of a wide range of differentiated vitamin, mineral and nutritional products in a variety of viscosities. Aptar Pharma doesn’t just provide some of the most advanced and reliable oral spray pumps and liquid dispensing technologies available anywhere. They all come with access to extensive documentation and technical support from our experienced specialists at Aptar Pharma.

Advancing Vitamin, Mineral & Other Supplement (VMS) Products

Aptar Pharma’s established expertise in liquid oral dropper and oral spray pump technologies means you can more rapidly advance the development of your next oral liquid supplement new product launch and bring it to market fast. Our VP6 liquid oral spray pumps and dispensers as well as our Airless+ semi-solid/viscous dispensing systems can provide unique options for those seeking oral delivery systems optimized for liquid VMS product formulations.

  • Advantages
  • Growing Number of Applications
  • Advanced Oral Liquid Dispensing Systems
  • Sustainability

Advantages of Liquid Oral Delivery Format for VMS

VMS products formulated as oral liquids or semi-solids can provide users with improved bioavailability when delivered from a convenient, portable, and safe oral spray or oral dropper dispensing system, available with child/senior friendly packaging options.

Growing Number of Oral Liquid Supplement Applications

Oral spray pumps and oral dropper dispensers are increasingly used to deliver liquid or semi-solid VMS products for Immunity & Energy, Sleep & Stress, Probiotics, Cannabidiol (CBD), and most vitamin and mineral applications.

Advanced Oral Liquid Dispensing Systems from Aptar Pharma

Aptar Pharma’s portfolio of oral spray pump and oral drop dispensers provide precision dosing, accuracy and reliability in a convenient and portable packaging format fully supported with technical and regulatory-ready documentation.

Sustainability and Oral Liquid Dispensing Systems

With ISCC Plus certified production sites and the option to use renewable feedstocks in our VP6 and Airless+ dispensing systems we have enhanced circularity. In addition, our Airless+ dispensers provide options for improved recyclability.

Learn more about ISCC PLUS Certification on Aptar production sites

Advantages of Liquid Oral Delivery Format for VMS

Oral liquid forms represent an opportunity to grow your new or existing vitamin, mineral supplement, or nutraceutical portfolio. Oral spray or drop products are differentiated through their performance and convenience, generating consumer appeal. Oral spray pump products are increasingly being adopted as part of consumer’s daily health routines because they can deliver supplements with simplicity, accuracy, and portability. These advantages have made supplement delivery with oral spray pumps one of the fastest growing galenic forms in vitamin, sleep aid and supplement markets across Western Europe.

  • Convenience – Oral liquid spray or dropper products are convenient and don’t require any water to administer.
  • Portability – Oral liquid spray pumps or dropper dispensers can be easily taken on the go, carried discretely in pockets or purses making them an ideal portable solution in both size and format.
  • Accelerate Product Uptake – The oral sublingual or buccal administration can result in product uptake and absorption for rapid effect.
  • Dosing Accuracy – Aptar Pharma’s portfolio of liquid oral spray pumps and oral dropper dispensing systems provide pharmaceutical level accuracy and reliability.
  • Child and Senior Friendly – Easy to use by young and old alike, oral liquid delivery requires no swallowing making administration simple.

Oral liquid delivery has been proven to deliver essential nutrients, such as Vitamin D and Melatonin, via the oral mucosa with higher absorption and bioavailability than comparable solid oral formats.[i] This means sublingual or buccal oral delivery with oral spray pumps or dispensers can be both convenient and effective.

Growing Number of Oral Liquid Supplement Applications

Oral delivery of liquid formulations is growing in popularity with consumers and innovators around the world. More products from different application fields and ingredients are being formulated for delivery by oral spray pump and drop dispenser technologies than ever before including:

  • Immune defence support (Vitamin D, Vitamin C)
  • Sleep (Melatonin) & Stress
  • Dietary (turmeric/curcumin)
  • CBD (Cannabidiol)
  • Probiotics
  • Mineral (Iron, Calcium, Magnesium)
  • Vitamins (Vitamin B/B12, Vitamin K)

From oil, gel and aqueous solution formulations covering a wide range of viscosities, Aptar Pharma has the oral spray pumps and dispensers that can reliably and conveniently deliver many of today’s leading vitamin, mineral, and nutraceutical supplements in consumer-friendly formats. Both our VP6 liquid dispensers and Airless+ delivery systems can provide simple to use, on-the-go options, ideally suited for oral liquid or oral semi-solid/viscous formulation delivery.

Advanced Oral Liquid Dispensing Systems from Aptar Pharma

Aptar Pharma’s portfolio of metered-dose spray pump and dispensing systems are ideal for liquid nutritional and vitamin supplement applications. Our oral spray pumps and drop dispensing systems have been used with products fulfilling prescription pharmaceutical and over the counter (OTC) consumer standards. Meeting the highest quality standards, Aptar Pharma’s oral liquid delivery systems are known for precise dosing, accuracy, and reliability, making them an ideal choice for leading food, vitamin, and mineral supplement applications where quality truly matters.

Learn more about the advantages our VP6 spray pumps and Airless+ dispensing systems that can be used with oral VMS formulations. Our multidose dispensing systems can reliably deliver a broad spectrum of dose volumes for different formulation types covering a range of different viscosities. Aptar Pharma offers a number of multi-dose oral dispensing system options, available with modular accessories, ergonomic features, and color options that can make your product stand out from the competition and fit your specific product’s requirements. As long-established experts in the field, we also provide comprehensive customer care, quality, and technical support to help move your product to market faster. This can include regulatory documentation such as a Declaration of Compliance (DoC), in-person production support to implement new oral spray pumps or dispensers on your production line or even access to extensive quality support.

Sustainability and Oral Liquid Dispensing Systems

With growing demand for increased sustainability in packaging solutions coming from regulators, industry, and consumers alike, Aptar Pharma has made improved sustainability a priority for every new product. Exemplified by our Futurity™ brand, we have mandated that all new drug delivery systems will be designed with sustainability in mind. We use our proprietary EcoDesign tool to incorporate Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) approaches into every product we develop or improve. This considers the environmental impact over the entire lifecycle of the product and assesses opportunities to enhance its sustainability through recyclability, circularity, multi-dose capabilities, and CO2 footprint improvements.


The VP6 oral liquid pump system is designed as a multi-dose system which avoids single-dose applications with higher material waste. Our ISCC PLUS certified production sites have implemented a mass balance accounting system that tracks the use of circular materials such as renewable, chemically recycled, or other recycled feedstocks as well as alternate raw materials, and bio-based components. Our Airless+ semi-solid/viscous formulation dosing systems are comprised of only medical grade polyolefins, with no recycling disruptors, for enhanced ease of recycling. Our Airless+  Futurity™ product, the Micro+  Futurity achieved a “Class AAA” rating with a 96-98% “excellent recyclability” (for raw, natural packaging without décor and label) from cyclos-HTP.  Aptar Pharma is dedicated to achieving its sustainability goals by taking a holistic approach to its operations and product design across the business resulting in enhanced circularity.

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Offering a portfolio of market-tested oral liquid spray pump and dispensing systems, including the VP6 and Airless+ lines, we partner with our customers every step of the way from concept, through development, testing and manufacturing. The result is a next generation oral liquid dispensing system specifically tailored to your sublingual or buccal product’s exacting requirements. We do this by deploying our in-house experts who apply care and attention to detail to help customers through all the critical development phases including user research, product concepting, product ergonomics, industrial design, prototype testing, industrialization, manufacturing, analytical and regulatory support.

[i] Bartoli, A. N., De Gregori, S., Molinaro, M., Broglia, M., Tinelli, C., & Imberti, R. (2012). Bioavailability of a new oral spray melatonin emulsion compared with a standard oral formulation in healthy volunteers. Journal of Bioequivalence and Bioavailability, 4(7), 96-99 Extract of conclusion: “The Melatonin food supplement in emulsion spray improves melatonin absorption (1.8 higher), ensuring higher concentrations after administration (1.5 higher), compared to the standard oral tablet formulation of melatonin, by avoiding the first-pass effect, associated with liver metabolism of melatonin.”