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Aptar Pharma Launches HeroTracker® Sense

A novel digital respiratory health solution that transforms a standard metered dose inhaler (pMDI) into a smart connected healthcare device.

Press Release
8 Feb 2022

Aptar Pharma, a global leader in drug delivery systems, services and active material science solutions, today announced the launch of HeroTracker® Sense, a novel digital respiratory health solution that transforms a standard metered dose inhaler (pMDI) into a smart connected healthcare device.

HeroTracker® Sense is designed to help improve the lives of patients around the world suffering from chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma, COPD, Cystic Fibrosis and other respiratory conditions caused by COVID-19, to track their MDI usage and facilitate improved adherence to their prescribed therapy.

HeroTracker® Sense is a next generation metered-dose inhaler (MDI) add-on connected device, designed to address patient inhalation technique and adherence.

By attaching to the canister of an MDI, HeroTracker® Sense has a number of features to help asthma and COPD patients take their medication in a more informed and compliant way. The sensors in the device enable the creation and supply of information such as co-ordination of inspiration with actuation, flow rate and inhalation duration. Other features available through the app include date and time stamps to indicate when the patient should take their medication, as well as environmental monitoring alerts such as temperature and humidity.

HeroTracker® Sense offers healthcare providers (HCPs) valuable analytics and insights into patient training, onboarding and performance through the Aptar Pharma Cohero Health BreatheSmart® Connect Portal, which is both HIPAA and GDPR compliant, while patients can monitor their adherence through the BreatheSmart® app.

“HeroTracker® Sense is a strategic addition to Aptar’s portfolio of digital health solutions in the respiratory space, and underlines Aptar Pharma’s progress in the field of digital therapeutics, as well as our commitment to providing tools that will lead to an improvement in the lives of patients,” commented Sai Shankar, President, Digital Health, Aptar Pharma.

“The launch of HeroTracker® Sense positions Aptar’s digital respiratory portfolio as a world leading offering, providing insights into patient behaviors and how that will lead to a change in the way the patient interacts with their device, and their understanding of their indication. We see this as a product for the future and one that will demonstrate significant value, creating real world evidence that can aid the support of  reimbursement models in numerous different markets,” added Marcus Bates, Director, Business Development, Digital Healthcare, Aptar Pharma.

HeroTracker® Sense has been designed and developed using Aptar Digital Health’s ISO 13485 certified Quality Management System, is CE marked and is pending FDA approval.

Aptar Pharma’s Digital Health team provides a range of digital therapeutic and patient support tools in the respiratory, oncology, diabetes, immunology, neurology, allergy and rare disease therapeutic areas.

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