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Aptar Pharma discusses efforts towards more sustainable healthcare

Aptar Pharma will host a live educational webinar entitled “Striving for a more circular Pharmaceutical Industry – How Aptar Pharma can support your sustainability journey”.

Join this webinar on:

March 31, 2022
9:00 AM London / 4:00 PM Beijing


March 31, 2022 3:30 PM London / 10:30 AM New York 1 Hour
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Presented by Julien Storz Taylor Price Christophe Marie
14 Feb 2022

This event is the first of Aptar Pharma’s upcoming sustainability webinar series, “Caring for Patient Health Means Caring for the Planet” .

Driven by the discussion on climate change, politics and our ever-changing society, the next generation of patients and consumers expect pharma and healthcare companies to make efforts towards ensuring a more sustainable future. The Pharmaceutical industry is increasingly facing the challenge of transforming their businesses to incorporate more sustainable practices that reduce their negative impacts on the environment. Key Pharmaceutical players are also acknowledging that caring for human health is closely tied to caring for the health of the planet. However, the nature of the global Pharma business makes this a challenge to accomplish without collaboration from the full value chain.

Aptar Pharma, a key partner to the Pharmaceutical industry, is committed to furthering a more sustainable, diverse and inclusive business. During this webinar, experts from Aptar will share how they are addressing the challenges of sustainability and the aspirations, goals and targets that can support a more sustainable pharmaceutical industry.

Additionally, Aptar will share insights and observations from the field about how a highly regulated market can become more sustainable, what we can learn from other consumer markets such as Food, Beverage and Beauty, and what pioneering solutions will have the potential to change the Pharma business.

To learn more about the challenges facing the Pharmaceutical industry and how Aptar Pharma can be your partner to accompany your sustainability journey and to meet your targets, register now for Aptar Pharma’s free webinar on March 31, 2022:

Register for 9am London Session

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