Aptar Receives Sustainable Development Contribution Award 2022

Aptar was recognized with the ‘Green Sustainable Development Contribution’ Award at 2022 International Green Zero-Carbon Festival in Beijing, China on August 30, 2022.

8 Sep 2022

The award recognizes companies with outstanding contributions in the fields of carbon reduction, technology innovation, and protection of the natural environment. Aptar was nominated by a local the media channel for this recognition because of our overall progress in ESG and sustainability accounting and transparency.

The International Green Zero-Carbon Festival in Beijing brought together over 800 leading representatives from NGOs, governments businesses, academic institutions, and mainstream media. It also included companies exhibiting their sustainability best practices, goals and strategies for reaching a net zero economy. The Festival is committed to building an open-source collaboration platform for accelerating decarbonization.

This year’s Zero Carbon Festival set up total 16 awards to recognize outstanding sustainability leaders. The working committee accepted both self- and third-party recommendations for companies making progress on sustainability. The nominations were provided through social questionnaires, the media, and consulting agencies. The evaluation process also considered each companies’ sustainability public disclosures from various channels, including annual reports and media reports. The judging committee was comprised of thought leaders from research institutions, consulting firms, ESG experts, scholars, and media leaders. Winners were selected based on a comprehensive evaluation system adopted by the members of the judging committee which included factors like innovation, impact and long-term sustainability commitments.

At Aptar, we will continue to live our purpose. By ensuring the continuity of our products, which dispense the solutions that millions of people rely on every day, we will continue to focus on furthering a sustainable, diverse, inclusive business and a more circular economy.

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