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Is Your Package E-commerce Ready?

7 Aug 2018

Aptar offers e-commerce capable solutions

E-commerce has completely changed the way the world buy and sells products. Driven by trends related to technological advancements over the last few years, the growing populations in megacities, as well as the changes in demographics with Millennials and Gen Z being very technology driven, food and beverage e-commerce sales are growing at an incredible rate.

As consumers continue to demand convenience in every step of their shopping journey, e-commerce has been challenging CPG’s to adapt to this business model, where the supply chain is not only much longer, but also much more complex.

Because most primary packaging is currently not designed to withstand the harsh shipping and handling of e-commerce, when it comes to dispensing systems, many are the issues these packages can face: closures disconnect from the package, breaking of closure, sealing failures, and much more. These challenges often cause product leak and damage to other items inside the box, which results in:

  • Increased overall cost: brands now need to add supplemental protection to the primary packaging (more labor, time, and materials). As e-tailers are now charging brands back for the additional cost, they are also being entitled to reimburse chargebacks for their own damaged products, as well as pay for other items ruined.
  • Loosing consumers’ loyalty: consumers expect to have the same product experience when buying through e-commerce and brick and mortar. However, the amount of tertiary packaging being added for protection is ruining the consumer experience. They not only have to reach for tools to help access the product, they are also left with a great amount of excess material (usually plastic) that needs to be disposed. In many cases, the tertiary packaging will not completely prevent leaks or further damages inside the box, resulting in returns and even more dissatisfaction.

As the CPG’s move to adapting packaging to suit the needs of e-commerce, it is intrinsic that they choose the right partners who can truly help them overcome these challenges, and give consumers the great e-commerce experience they demand and deserve!

Aptar has established relationships with key e-tailers and shipping companies to support development of solutions that address the needs of e-commerce. In addition, Aptar is an official participant in the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS), developing high performance dispensing systems to pass ISTA-6 requirements while providing a great consumer experience.

Aptar offers e-commerce capable dispensing closures, pumps, pouch fitments, pressurized products, and sealing technologies, so you can be confident the products will arrive intact.

When it comes to e-commerce solutions you need, we are always thinking inside the box.

Contact us at or visit our website to learn more about our e-commerce capable solutions.

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