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Solving the E-Commerce Problem for Sports Nutritional Powder Packaging

Aptar leverages BAP (bonded-aluminum to plastic) technology to combat e-commerce packaging frustration.

11 Feb 2020

The importance of health and wellness continues to be a driving force within the nutraceutical world. Staple nutraceutical products, such as the $6.9 billion Sport Nutritional Powder category (Euromonitor), are benefiting from an expansion in their consumer base as they capitalize on dieting trends and demographic shifts. Along with the majority of consumer goods, these products are gaining sales growth in the e-commerce channel. While e-commerce has helped brands reach an even wider market, it has also introduced a new set of challenges.

Sport nutritional powder packages, which can weigh upwards of 5 pounds, are often arriving to the consumer with the seal broken. Due to the increased number of touchpoints in this distribution channel, standard paper-backed liners struggle to maintain a seal, as the heavy powder shifts around during shipment.

When a package arrives with a broken liner, it leaves the customer questioning the integrity of the package, the quality of the product, and increases the likelihood of the brand receiving a negative online review. These reviews can be detrimental to future growth, as according to Forbes, “Online reviews have been shown to impact 67.7% of purchasing decisions.”

Aptar leverages BAP (bonded-aluminum to plastic) technology to combat this e-commerce packaging frustration. BAP creates a permanent seal between the closure and container, making it ideal for the rigors of e-commerce distribution. In particular, the prototype Olympian 120mm closure is a great solution for sports nutritional powder packages, with its easy-to-open pull-tab, convenient flip top design, and hygienic scoop holder.

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