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Bonded Aluminum to Plastic (BAP®)

BAP® creates exciting opportunities to accentuate your brand, engage consumers with an enjoyable experience and drive repeat purchases. Excite. Engage. Repeat.

Discover the BAP® Experience

What Is BAP®?

BAP® is an all-in-one foil to closure solution including:

How it Works

Features & Benefits


Technology versatility: Allows for unique innovative designs for maximum shelf impact!

Pull ring

Easy, intuitive & convenient for all ages: Consumers will be amazed by just how easy it is to open! No frustrating tabs of sharp metal edges. Clean and simple, every time.

Safe & Fresh Seal

Excellent seal integrity: Guarantees a safe package so consumers will trust your brand.


Innovative: Freedom to create unique designs to differentiate your brand and excite your consumers!
Sustainable: Great opportunity to achieve reduction in weight, scrap rates, energy, product disposal and quality claims.

BAP® and E-Commerce


Simple and Innovative technology capable of solving a wide range of e-commerce challenges.


Tamper Evidence and Counterfeit deterrent assure product safety.


Improve consumers experience by minimizing tertiary packaging.


Closure and container weight savings may reduce overall package weight.


Seal is never broken, preventing product leak/spill.

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