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Clarins Adopts Aptar Beauty’s Private Refill for Joli Rouge

Clarins’ Joli Rouge combines lip color and skincare, to deliver a genuine beauty treatment for lips. The new lipstick is beautifully encased in a refillable lipstick package developed by global leader in dispensing systems, Aptar Beauty.

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By Leslie Personnat Marketing & Communications Senior Manager
7 Feb 2023

A Custom Fit for Clarins

Building on a long-standing partnership of iconic launches, Clarins entrusted Aptar with the development of the full packaging for its new lipstick. With luxury and sustainability among the key criteria, an exclusive, made-to-measure decorated casing with the Private Refill mechanism offered the ideal solution. A unique security key ensures that the refill works only with the brand-specific shape at the base – a market first for a non-guided lipstick mechanism. This means that Clarins has its own, custom shape to fit the Joli Rouge range, protecting its brand equity.

Premium Codes for a Luxury Experience

Joli Rouge boasts an elegant design and high-end feel, with all technical parts of the mechanism cleverly hidden under one long shell. Consumers can choose from three glossy aluminum cases to hold their favorite shades. The bright red and white cases are exquisitely lacquered, while the gold case is anodized. The gold color perfectly matches the metallized 360° collar, which has an invisible parting line and boldly features the brand’s monogram.

Designed for Sustainability

The eco-design of Private Refill aligns with Clarins’ commitment to responsible beauty. The casing contains recycled plastic and the mechanism is POM, styrene and silicone-free. The carbon footprint drops by 45%* from the second refill, having less CO2 impact than a standard lipstick, while the main pack itself is used again and again. Refilling is entirely intuitive, using a one-click gesture that consumers have called quick and easy.** Clarins said: “This refillable packaging made in France finally gives us a new object which makes make-up more beautiful and responsible.”

Responsible and Chic

With three variants in red, white and gold, it comes adorned with a bespoke monogram collar and is enhanced with premium features that turn it into a desirable object to be kept and treasured.

The lipstick packaging incorporates PCR content in the case and an intuitive refill mechanism, making Joli Rouge both chic and responsible.

Patrick Bousquel, Marketing Director Beauty EMEA Aptar Beauty, said: “With Clarins Joli Rouge, Aptar is proud to bring a responsible and premium lipstick packaging innovation to market once again.”

Made in France

Joli Rouge is manufactured at Aptar’s Reboul plant, which has a long heritage and expertise in creating the most iconic lipsticks on the market. It has been labeled a ‘Living Heritage Company’ (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) by the French State for its exceptional industrial savoir-faire and craftsmanship.


Launched in July 2022, Private Refill was pronounced ‘Innovative Packaging of the Year’ at the IT Awards of MakeUp in Paris 2022.

* Comparison (Aptar Ecodesign Tool) : multi material single use Lipstick and reload Lipstick
** Clarins consumer test: 107 women with Joli Rouge satin, 106 women with Joli Rouge Shine

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