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Viktor & Rolf Chooses Aptar Beauty + Home’s Note for its Flowerbomb Twist Collection

30 Oct 2017

With the Flowerbomb Twist Collection, Viktor & Rolf offers a new, more personal and more intimate dimension to its emblematic perfume by launching three unique layering oils, Flowerbomb Jasmine Twist, Flowerbomb Musk Twist and Flowerbomb Rose Twist, which allow you to customize Flowerbomb according to your mood.

With Note, Aptar Beauty + Home has reinvented a timeless, sophisticated and precise perfume ritual, a soft and measured application through which a drop of perfume can be easily and delicately placed at the desired pulse points. The cap includes a transparent applicator that fills automatically and the perfume is then deposited by capillarity in contact with the skin.

In choosing Aptar Beauty + Home’s Note, Viktor & Rolf transforms traditional perfume rituals into an exciting experience by simply applying a drop of one of the fragrances (rose, jasmine or musk) and then spraying a fine mist of the initial fragrance, Flowerbomb.

The Flowerbomb Twist Collection is already available in the US market.

Aptar Beauty + Home explores 1,001 ways of applying perfume through the Ritual Codex

* Delectly: (adj) characterizes a person who delicately targets areas, such as the back of the ears to the nape of the neck, the wrists, or the hollow of the elbow to retain the perfume. An obvious ‘delectly’ ritual.
* Frag-clouding: (verb) to create a fragrance cloud to better immerse one’s self in it so as to be fully permeated – a cloud nine effect.
* Swaporizing: (verb) to exchange perfume application with one or more people. Inspired by face swapping, this process is also known as scent-swapping.

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