Click Lotion Spray Pump


Click Spray Pump has a lean design and is ideal for any lotion for travel, retail, sampling, promotion, face, or sanitizer spray purposes.

With a lean design and an exemplary dosage of 200mcl, Click promises visual differentiation for brands and especially for lotions. Designed for a standard FEA15mm Snap-on. Featuring a globally acclaimed Aptar Fragrance Pump technology, it is a spray pump that delivers effortless actuation. With its twin version of “Fine mist and Lotion,’ it is the desired fit for any twin set of fragrance and lotion

Key Features:

  • Easy to use, ideal for travel products
  • Aptar fragrance pump technology
  • The desired fit for any twin set of fragrance and lotion
  • Customizable


Why Choose Click?

  • Fun to Use
  • Charm your Consumer
  • High Performance

A low force to actuate makes this pump “Effortless” and “Fun” to use for any consumer.

A range of color possibilities to attract your consumers and strengthen your brand.



A unique design for a standard 15mm bottle, Click is an ideal partner for any travel experience concerning hygiene, convenience or customization.

Multiple Uses

With an optimized dosage of 200mcl, Click promises exemplary performance across multiple applications.

With a dual version of lotion and fine mist, it is ideal for any travel experiences across hygiene, facial care and fragrance.

It is congenial to possibilities around travel formats, sampling, promotion, dispensing gel and lotion.


A Distinct Design

A convenient and easy to use design built with worldwide acclaimed Aptar technology,  is a lotion pump that delivers dosage control, effortless actuation and is travel friendly.

While an optimized coloration possibilities, the pump promises brand equity and on-the-shelf differentiation.

Product Details

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