Softips Applicator on Tube

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Expect soft and precise dispensing with our Softips range

Softips Pinpoint is ideal for anti-aging treatments and targeted skin treatments. Softips Ribbontip is ideal for wider applications like nail care, concealers and facial treatments.

Both are available as a complete package with a range of decorating and cap options.

Key Features:

  • Direct application to skin
  • Soft touch silicone applicator is always clean
  • Controlled and ergonomic dispensing
  • Two applicator options:  Pinpoint with a fine tip and Ribbontip with a wider tip
  • 19 mm tube and 10 – 22ml fill
  • Available exclusively with tubes from Albea, Linhardt, CCL, Berry, Tupack and Neopac
  • Tips available in silicone or EPDM
  • Customized in any color


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