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WREN is an elegant cosmetic-look actuator, available in both foam and gel versions, The trendy look makes Wren highly suitable for both Personal Care and Beauty applications.


  • The Elegant design makes it suitable for Masstige and Prestige products. Wren is ideal for small/travel and medium packs
  • 35 mm fit on mounting cup


  • Soft and Effective actuation due to the ergonomic shape and the finger recess area on top of the actuator.


  • Wren is suitable for several application fields thanks to the both gel and foam versions available. The Gel version is compatible with Bag-on-Valve (BOV).

Wren is e-commerce capable* and optimized for omnichannel distribution.

Overcap Actuator
K7 S20, S25, S30, WS25, WS29, WS30, WS40, Wren, Anastasia Gel, Anastasia Spray




*Ista-6 Overbox Testing Compliant. Test results may vary based on container shape, container size and sample formula.

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