Fine Mist Sprayer Starter Kit for Pre-clinical Respiratory Research in Mice


Aptar Pharma’s Fine Mist Sprayer Starter Kit was designed to support pre-clinical research for respiratory conditions conducted with small animals, such as mice.

Ideal for pharmaceutical, academic and government research laboratories, our Fine Mist Sprayer can deliver an aerosolized liquid mist directly to the animal’s respiratory system as part of studies for respiratory treatments.

Respiratory Fine Mist Sprayers for Pre-Clinical Research

Advancing Pre-Clinical Respiratory Research

Aptar Pharma’s Fine Mist Sprayer Starter Kit is a Research Use Only device designed for pre-clinical in-vivo use in mice. Designed to aerosolize liquid formulations, our innovative Fine Mist Sprayer provides fast and precise administration targeted to the animal’s respiratory system. It is not for human use.

The sprayer works by atomizing a liquid into a fine mist that is delivered by intratracheal aerosolization to the respiratory tract of the animal.

Suitable for a wide range of liquids including contrast/imaging agents as well as toxicological materials, the Fine Mist Sprayer reliably provides targeted intratracheal aerosol administration.

This type of delivery system offers greater control over the dose and timing of drug administration, as well as improved accuracy in targeting specific areas of the respiratory tract. Respiratory fine mist sprayers can be used to deliver drugs and compounds to animals in a variety of ways, including intubation delivery. This technology can be used to study the effects of drugs and compounds on the respiratory system and is often used to evaluate the safety and efficacy of investigational drugs and compounds prior to clinical trials in humans.

Accurate and precise delivery of liquids

The Fine Mist Sprayer is a fully mechanical system, using no air, heat, propellant, ultrasound or compressed air. The liquid formulation in the Fine Mist Sprayer is converted to an aerosolized mist via its innovative stainless-steel delivery cannula, sized appropriately for small animals.


Easy to use and ready to use kit

The Fine Mist Sprayer Starter Kit contains everything you need to start your mouse based pre-clinical research. It contains, a stainless-steel dispensing administration device, 25 µL and 50 µL dosing spacers, finger flanges and user instructions.

Every Aptar Pharma Fine Mist Sprayer starter kit is simple to use straight out of the box. The light, hand operated respiratory drug delivery device may be used for delivery of liquid formulations directly to the lung. All formulation contact parts are cleanable with liquids and are autoclavable/sterilizable, so the Fine Mist Sprayer system is fully reusable.

Pre-clinical to human clinical studies with Aptar Pharma

Aptar Pharma expertise in respiratory drug delivery can start with the Fine Mist Sprayer to evaluate the effects of drugs on lung inflammation, pulmonary fibrosis and other pulmonary disorders.

However, our expertise in respiratory product development does not stop at the Fine Mist Sprayer. As your product continues to its first in human clinical studies, Aptar Pharma’s decades of experience as a leader in inhalation drug delivery continues to support your seamless transition to drug delivery devices appropriate for clinical studies through to commercialization. With fully integrated analytical, formulation and device selection services accompanied with unmatched regulatory support Aptar Pharma is your ideal partner for respiratory drug development.

Fine Mist Sprayer Advantages

  • Precise Liquid Dosing
  • Complete Innovative Starter Kit
  • Sterilizable and Reusable
  • Aptar Pharma’s Integrated Services

Dosing range of 25 to 250 µL

A wide of liquid formulations can be dispensed accurately.  It can deliver multiple smaller doses of 25 to 50 µL or combinations of those dose volumes, using the provided dosing spacers that come with the starter kit.

Easy to use

With simple instructions for use, the Fine Mist Sprayer Starter Kit provides you with everything you need to advance your pre-clinical respiratory research study. Purely mechanical, using no heat, propellant, ultrasound or compressed air, the hand-held Fine Mist Spray device simply delivers precise aerosolized dosing.

Fine Mist Sprayer is autoclavable

All formulation contact parts can be easily cleaned using liquids. The Fine Mist Sprayer can be conveniently sterilized by autoclaving so you can reuse the system when you need to, saving you time and money.

Support along the way for your new product development

With our broad range of support services, we have the experience and expertise to seamlessly provide you with industry leading formulation, analytical and regulatory services that take your pre-clinical respiratory project to the clinic fast.

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