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Aptar Pharma Injectable Expansion – Capacity, Capabilities and Partnership

In this discussion, Pierre Yves Favennec, VP of Operations, and Claire Raynal-Olive, VP of Business Development, shed light on Aptar Pharma’s growth initiatives for the Injectable business. As leaders in pharmaceutical and drug delivery devices, we’re excited to share that our expansion is not just on track but has already begun showing promising outcomes, addressing the shifting market demands. This growth aims to augment our global presence and fortify our standing as a key player in the injectable industry.

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Author(s): Claire Raynal-Olive Pierre-Yves Favennec
13 Oct 2023

A crucial aspect of our injectable expansion program is the development our production capacity. We are building additional capacity in France, the USA, and China. These strategic locations ensure that we can serve the needs of our partners more locally and responsively, to meet the growing demand but also anticipate the future evolution of the market.

In addition to building up our capacity, we are also expanding our capabilities with a focus on improved quality. By investing in state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, which includes advanced robotization, building more ISO 5 and ISO 7 cleanrooms, and implementing process digitalization, we are elevating our quality standards to offer performance and reliability to our partners. These technological advancements are a reflection of our commitment to quality and dedication to ensuring the highest standards in our parenteral packaging solutions offering.

Our expansion also brings us closer to our partners so we can better serve their specific needs. Aptar Pharma has the capabilities to be project enabler as we are not just a component producer but a full-service provider. We stand ready to assist our partners at every stage of their product development journey.

At the heart of our expansion, sustainability is a cornerstone of our strategy. We are unwaveringly committed to minimizing our environmental impact by utilizing energy-efficient technologies, adopting practices that reduce waste and promote recycling. The well-being and safety of our teams is also a main driver of our expansion and another manifestation of our commitment to sustainability.

In summary, Aptar Pharma’s expansion and investment program will enhance our global footprint and ensures we are ideally positioned to meet the current and future needs of the market. Our strategic focus on expanding capacity, enhancing capabilities, and increasing proximity to partners, coupled with a commitment to sustainability, quality, and partner support, is transforming your expectation of what an injectable partner can be.

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