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A track record of success for nasal drug delivery in drug repurposing

Drug repurposing, reformulation of an approved drug for a new route of administration or new therapeutic area, can be a time and cost-efficient way of bringing valuable new products to market. This article considers motivations and challenges associated with drug repurposing focusing on reformulation for nasal drug delivery. Nasal drug products are convenient, easy-to-use and enjoy high patient acceptance. They can therefore help to broaden accessibility to a drug as evidenced by the growing list of approved nasal drug products for rescue/emergency use, as well as for poorly served therapeutic areas. The benefits of working with an expert partner to navigate the regulatory pathway and technical challenges associated with drug repurposing for nasal drug delivery are examined.

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Author(s): Badre Hammond Gerallt Williams Hervé Pacaud
1 Apr 2018

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