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Aptar Beauty’s Comprehensive Guide to Inclusive Packaging Design

As evidenced in Aptar Beauty’s previous White Paper, The Role of Packaging Dispensing in Making Beauty More Inclusive, the question of inclusivity in the beauty industry is increasingly crucial. By adopting universal principles of inclusive packaging design, beauty brands can address the specific needs of the elderly or disabled by making packaging easy to use by all.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Aptar's Inclusive Product Design Process
10 Jul 2024

Discover Aptar Beauty’s Inclusive Design Journey:                  from Storytelling to Story-doing.

As a beauty packaging industry leader and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion advocate, we aim to drive more inclusivity in the beauty user experience. The objective of this White Paper is to continue the conversation about inclusive design within the beauty market. To do so, we are providing a deeper insight into our process of designing accessible packaging for all. From field work and workshops, to external partnerships we’re sharing practical solutions and easy steps to develop your own inclusive packaging and product design process, making beauty more accessible for all.

“This collaborative work not only sheds light on critical issues, but also offers practical solutions. We believe that the beauty packaging world can become more inclusive, fostering collaboration and innovation across the industry.”

Xavier Joseph, Vice President Global Marketing & Innovation, Aptar Beauty



What You Will Learn:

  • How to understand the 7 Universal Design Principles
  • How to effectively conduct consumer tests internally and with external partners to validate your designs
  • Aptar Beauty’s range of tried-and-tested inclusive dispensing solutions

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Moreover, we are convinced that inclusive design is beneficial to everyone, and the right way to innovate. To this end, we created user-friendly solutions with accessible features that ensure comfort without compromising on product aesthetics and hope this inspires the industry to do the same.

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