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Investigating The Propellant Pathways Leading To a Sustainable Future of MDIs

The development of metered dose inhalers (MDIs) with a lighter environmental footprint is increasingly urgent as the pharmaceutical industry proceeds to Net Zero and greater sustainability.

This article looks at what a transition to propellants with lower Global Warming Potential will involve and the lessons that can be learned from the industry’s earlier transition from CFCs to HFAs. Key issues that need to be addressed as formulators learn to work with propellants such as HFA 152a and HFO 1234ze include solubility of the active, the profile of the emitted spray, droplet size and evaporation, and electrostatic characteristics.

Aptar Pharma offers a comprehensive suite of services for those looking to accelerate their transition to low carbon MDIs including the Nanopharm SmartTrack™ platform which provides a wealth of information for formulation optimization.

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Author(s): Chris Baron Jag Shur
8 Apr 2022

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