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Nasal Drug Delivery: Beyond Hayfever

Although nasal drug delivery has historically been used almost exclusively for the delivery of topically acting therapeutics for chronic conditions such as hay fever this situation is changing quite rapidly.

This webinar considers the use of nasal drug delivery for systemically acting, emergency rescue medications, for nose-to-brain drug delivery, for prophylactics and for vaccines for respiratory infections. In each case the unique advantages of nasal drug delivery are discussed with reference to the specific application. Aptar Pharma’s drug delivery technology platforms for nasal drug delivery are introduced and their features related to current market requirements. The challenge of formulation development for nasal drug delivery is also addressed. Aptar Pharma’s expertise in formulation and the company’s track record of success with respect to commercialized nasal drug products is highlighted.

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Speaker(s): Gemma Budd
12 Jul 2022

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