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Orbital™ – A Novel Dry Powder Inhaler for High Dose Delivery

High payload dry powder inhalers (DPIs) have potential for the delivery of anti-virals, anti-infectives, and therapeutics for the treatment of several conditions such as cystic fibrosis and tuberculosis, with drug delivery directly to the lung. The requirement is to deliver payloads in the region of several 100 mg reliably and conveniently, a task that conventional DPIs are ill-suited to. This talk introduces Orbital™ dry powder technology within this context illustrating how it answers to the brief for high payload delivery.

Orbital™ is an easy to use, adjustable powder nebulizer that progressively delivers a high payload, simultaneously protecting the integrity of the drug up to the moment of delivery. It allows patients to inhale from a reservoir over multiple breaths, minimizing the cough reflex and eliminating any requirement to load multiple capsules. The mechanism of action is discussed and in vitro and in silico data are presented contrasting performance with RS01, a capsule-based device. The results show how Orbital™ allows more tailored performance – through the manipulation of puck geometry – offers higher respirability and delivers the same dose in fewer breaths. The concept of a rechargeable version of the platform is also presented. The talk concludes with a summary of the exciting potential of Orbital™ which could enable new therapeutics in new fields, including inhaled biologics and drugs repurposed to the inhaled route.

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Speaker(s): Gemma Budd
13 Mar 2023

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