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The Potential of Digital Health in Empowering Patients with Cancer

Cancer poses a notable challenge to public health, and it will be essential to discover remedies and new treatment protocols that can enhance the likelihood of a cure and improve the cancer care process in the future. The field of cancer care necessitates an elevated degree of focus, supervision, and tailored treatment to effectively tackle the existing medical requirements that have not yet been met.

Aptar Digital Health recently held a webinar focused on the use of Digital Health in managing oncology patients to improve patient health. The webinar was prompted by a report from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) that revealed a substantial increase in cancer cases worldwide. Experts during the session discussed the growing role of digital health in improving cancer treatment and patient care. They explored how digital health tools can enhance communication between patients and healthcare providers, manage symptoms and side effects, and support patients throughout their treatment journey. The webinar also emphasized the importance of leveraging digital healthcare to develop more effective and efficient healthcare solutions to address the increasing prevalence of cancer.

Watch this webinar to discover the transformative potential of technology in cancer care.

Watch the webinar "The Potential of Digital Health in Empowering Patients with Cancer"
Speaker(s): Brande Pearson Mario Lacouture Sophie Opdyke Lisa Biblinger
7 Jun 2023

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