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Understanding the Evolution of Intranasal Vaccines

Intranasal vaccination is a topic of the growing interest, notably in the wake of the SARS-CoV-19 pandemic because of its particular value for the prevention of respiratory illness. Key advantages of nasal vaccines include their potential to stimulate both a systemic and localized mucosal response – thereby preventing the ingress of pathogens to the lung – and high patient acceptability. These characteristics are of interest for both prophylactic and therapeutic applications but there are challenges to overcome to fully exploit this inherent potential. Intranasal vaccination is still in its infancy.

In this webinar, we review current best practice for the development of intranasal vaccines. We showcase the portfolio of nasal vaccine devices that Aptar Pharma has to offer and formulation strategies for both liquid and powder administration. As leaders in nasal drug delivery with a range of relevant products and support services Aptar Pharma can help nasal vaccine developers advance successfully and speedily towards commercialization.

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Speaker(s): Nektaria Karavas Julie D. Suman
9 Nov 2022

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Understanding the Evolution of Intranasal Vaccines

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