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To respond to the most personal need and preference we create state-of-the-art dispensing packaging solutions which ensures convenience, function and style in personal care. Our extensive portfolio covers a wide range of application fields, including among others personal cleansing, hair care, body care, baby care, deodorant and oral care.

Our Latest Innovation

Future is in our hands

As part of our commitment to developing more sustainable product solutions, Aptar Beauty + Home has created a new solution – a pump designed for a more sustainable, circular economy. We are pleased to announce the launch of a new, fully recyclable pump called Future, made for various application fields serving consumers’ everyday life including hair care, personal cleansing, body care, baby care, skincare and more.

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Our Areas of Focus

  • Application Fields
  • Tuned In
  • E-Commerce Capable
  • Sustainable
  • Expertise & service
  • Trusted and Innovative
  • Hygiene

Covering a wide range of application fields

Our products cover a broad range of personal care categories serving consumers’ everyday needs and desires, such as body care, hair care, personal cleansing, sun care, baby care, deodorant and oral. Visit our Product Solutions section to learn more.

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Tuned into the latest trends and concepts

Using ongoing market and consumer research, we study, analyze and identify new consumer needs, desires and expectations. This enables us to align with your business needs and support your innovation objectives to create delightful consumer experiences.

Focus on e-commerce capable dispensing solutions

With the significant growth of e-commerce for personal care, our ability to provide proven secure packaging solutions and services ensures your brand will withstand the external stressors of an omni-channel supply chain and create a satisfying unboxing experience for consumers.

Committed to sustainability

We are committed to invent new fully sustainable solutions with people and planet in mind.

We continually evaluate our global environmental impact and update our existing product portfolio with new sustainable materials and formats. At the same time, we are committed to design and launch new high-quality reusable, recyclable, recycled or mono material product solutions that reflect our commitment to building a circular economy and creating a sustainable future that benefits everyone.


Expertise & Service

We offer proven expertise in the latest packaging technologies and value-added services.

Over several decades, we have developed strong experience across a broad range of technologies such as airless dispensers, lotion pumps, spray pumps, valves and closures. We offer end-to-end support at every stage of your project development journey, ensuring an efficient and successful launch process.

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Trusted, innovative partner

For more than 70 years, we have collaborated with thousands of customers and are well known in the industry for our trusted partnerships.

From concept to launch, we support you along your whole journey to ensure quality and differentiation. Together, we are inventing a vibrant future for personal care and home care packaging solutions.

Hygiene and health

Due to the growing concern for hygiene and health, we are amplifying our efforts to provide innovative hygiene packaging.

We develop high-quality, cost-effective options for hygiene packaging to maintain quality and extend the life of the products while protecting the health of the user.

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