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We are pleased to showcase some of our innovations and insights that reflect how we bring to life product solutions that transform the user experience across categories, adding tangible value for our customers.

Our Approach to Innovation

Our thirst for innovation and collaboration reflects a proud heritage and corporate culture that has always been defined by a robust entrepreneurial spirit.

Innovating to Make Your Products Better

We focus on consumer insights and market intelligence in order to consistently innovate and develop products that fulfill consumer demand. Insights from our clients allow us to develop enhanced functional and aesthetic design. We embrace your challenges for both standard and custom packages.

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Innovative Product Solutions

  • Future, a Fully Recyclable Mono-Material Pump
  • NARCAN® Nasal Spray
  • Tropicana Orange Juice
  • J’adore Touche de Parfum
  • Breathe Free® Essentials
  • Heinz® Ketchup
  • Clarins Double Serum

Future, a Fully Recyclable Mono-Material Pump

Meet our newest innovation, Future, the company’s first mono-material, fully recyclable pump for the beauty and personal care industries.

“Today we are pleased to launch our latest sustainable innovation, Future, a game changing dispensing solution. Following more than two years of design, engineering and testing, I am very proud of our team’s mono-material design and it truly reflects our commitment to a more circular economy,” said Marc Prieur, President, Aptar Beauty + Home.

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NARCAN® Nasal Spray

Aptar played an integral role in developing a new nasal spray delivery device for NARCAN®, an antidote for opioid overdose that allows family members and third parties a quick and convenient way to administer the drug rather than go through a lengthy, multi-step process. This product is the first U.S. FDA-approved nasally administered, needle-free, ready-to use medication that can stop or reverse the effects of an opioid overdose.

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Tropicana Orange Juice

Aptar’s BAP® Technology made it much more convenient for consumers to access Tropicana’s new orange juice packaging format by adding an easy-to-open pull-ring. In addition, BAP® Safe & Fresh Seal provides the peace-of-mind of a safe product.

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J’adore Touche de Parfum

We developed an alternative way to apply fragrances using an applicator that allows perfume to be applied with a delicate finesse that automatically refills whenever the cap is replaced. Aptar received three industry awards for this innovation.

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Breathe Free® Essentials

Aptar Pharma’s patented PureHale™ respiratory technology is the delivery system behind the Breathe Free® Essentials brand. PureHale™, a portable and ready-to-use delivery solution designed for upper respiratory care, helps to meet a new need for portable, on-the-go respiratory support. An alternative to traditional nebulizer technology, PureHale™, when used with saline and other natural ingredients, distributes a fine, gentle mist to cleanse, moisturize and soothe the upper respiratory tract, in turn helping to reduce any irritations caused by coughs, colds, allergies, respiratory problems and dry nose/throat issues. Utilizing Aptar’s proven Bag-on-Valve technology, PureHale™ requires no batteries, and comes with a personal face mask and adapter for effortless, on-the-go delivery.

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Heinz® Ketchup

During our 40-year partnership with KraftHeinz, we upended the traditional Heinz® package that required customers to tap and shake the classic glass bottles. Besides introducing the first flip-top dispensing closure in the sauces & condiments market in the 1980’s, we have also helped Heinz to launch the first inverted packaging in the 2000’s, using our SimpliSqueeze® valve technology, along with multiple evolutionary innovations along the way. SimpliSqueeze® allowed the creation of inverted packaging due to its flow control capability, which in turn, provides a more convenient experience to consumers while minimizing product waste. Consumers’ clear preference in this packaging format completely changed how the condiment aisles look today.

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Clarins Double Serum

As an innovation developed exclusively for Clarins Double Serum by Aptar Beauty + Home, following joint collaboration and research with the Clarins team, the new packaging provides a unique delivery system guaranteeing the purity of each formula. It triggers the mixing process and delivers, in a single pump, the right dose of the double skincare to apply to the face. The push button can also be rotated to offer consumers a different dose to match their needs, while controlling the amount of the two formulas each time the product is used.

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InVision Lab

Aptar’s InVision Lab in Louveciennes, France showcases our approach to the design, engineering and material science for some of the greatest packaging technologies and innovations in the world. Aptar’s vision, values and creative problem solving are at the forefront of this new center.

Your journey through the center will stimulate your senses and excite your imagination toward ideas that will impact your brand and deliver emotion to millions of customers around the world.

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Technology Innovations

Read about our latest innovations which are transforming the dispensing industry.

17 Sep 2018

Aptar Pharma focuses on upper respiratory tract care at CPhI Worldwide

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10 Sep 2018

Aptar Food + Beverage Introduces the Olympian Closure

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27 Aug 2018

Aptar Pharma discusses FDA guidance for DPIs, MDIs, and nasal sprays

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25 Jun 2018

Aptar Pharma’s eye drop dispenser launched with Bausch+Lomb’s Levofree Multid...

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Market Insights

We invite you to read about our deep understanding of consumer behaviors and what drives our customer’s markets.

19 Jul 2024

Breaking New Grounds in Nutritional Supplements

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11 Jul 2024

Aptar Beauty Releases a New White Paper on Inclusive Design

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10 Jul 2024

Aptar Beauty’s Comprehensive Guide to Inclusive Packaging Design

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10 Jul 2024

The Art of CCIT: Deterministic Method Selection

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Press Releases

Read our latest press releases focused on technology and innovation.

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10 JuneJun 2024

Aptar Digital Health Partners with SHL MedicalAptar Digital Health Partners with SHL Medical

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Click on the articles below to read about our award-winning products and industry recognition.

16 May 2023

Aptar Pharma Highlights Innovative Drug Delivery Solutions at Cphi Europe

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24 Apr 2023

Aptar Celebrates 30 Years as a Publicly Traded Company

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14 Feb 2023

EVP and Chief Legal Officer, Kimberly Chainey Named to Elite 100

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13 Feb 2023

Aptar Again Receives Platinum Rating from EcoVadis

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Disrupt or Be Disrupted

Aptar held an Innovation Summit in Silicon Valley, California with 100 innovators from across the company who are focused on product development, marketing, business development, and more. The event was crafted in partnership with Innovation Point and provided an opportunity for attendees to learn about upcoming projects and the overwhelming power of new ideas.

The theme of the event “Disrupt or Be Disrupted” was created to articulate how quickly the market landscape can change.

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