Aptar’s Employee Resource Group, Aptar Rainbow Community (ARC)

As part of our Pride month celebrations, Aptar is proud to share the launch of our employee resource group, ARC, Aptar Rainbow Community, supporting the LGBTQ+ community within Aptar and their allies.

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1 Jun 2022

Aptar is continuing its DEI initiatives with Aptar Rainbow Community or ARC.

Both the ARC name and graphic were chosen to highlight the connection between all employees in our community while honoring the traditional rainbow LGBTQ+ symbol. Gael Touya, President of Aptar Pharma and Executive Sponsor of ARC, believes that, “ARC’s mission is to ensure that employees who identify as LGBTQ+ can safely express their individuality by sharing experiences without concern for impact to their career, development and growth opportunities and business partnerships with others, all while contributing to a safe and inclusive work environment”.

In celebration of Pride Month, ARC is inviting employees to pledge their support to the LGBTQ+ community and share stories, both publically and anonymously, about their experiences. We aim to expand the dialogue about the challenges facing the LGBTQ+ community and break down any barriers for inclusivity in our organization.

ARC is just one of the Employee Resource Groups in Aptar’s DEI roadmap. Last year Aptar also launched ALIGN, an ERG dedicated to gender equity and the development and upward progression of women regardless of gender and later this summer Aptar will communicate further about the newest ERG, BOLD, which is focused on supporting employees that are Black/African American and/or of African descent.

As with ALIGN and BOLD, ARC will have alignment with business/segment initiatives as well as employee development and employee engagement. Participation in these ERGs is voluntary and a leadership team will be formed to work closely with the Executive Sponsor, CHRO and the Global Diversity & Inclusion Director.

Aptar’s CHRO, Shiela Vinczeller shared her vision as, “We think about diversity as everything that makes us unique. DE&I is part of our strategy, of our roadmap, and at the heart of all our discussions.”

We invite you to learn more about Diversity & Inclusion at Aptar here.

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