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Aptar Beauty + Home Creates a Made-To-Measure Packaging Solution for Guerlain’s Abeille Royale Double R Serum

A customized creation for the Guelian House.

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11 Feb 2019


For its new high-performance skincare product, the luxury brand was looking for exclusive packaging that would both visually recall the cells of a beehive and dispense two distinct formulas that could merge in the bottle pump. The Aptar custom team developed a six-piece bottle, with three visible pieces for aesthetic purposes, and three technical pieces for dispensing.

The result is a made-to-measure creation for this new serum and its bee seal stamped double pump bottle which dispenses the perfect amount of the brand’s antiaging corrective formulas with each actuation.

A result made possible thanks to the Aptar Beauty + Home custom team and the Guerlain House team, in order to reach the ideal compromise between functionality and respect for the design envisioned by Guerlain.


Around the world, the Aptar Beauty + Home custom teams provide brands the opportunity to express their uniqueness through packaging. From the creative concept to the delivery of the finished product, they are committed to meeting all of the requirements and the most innovative ideas by combining technological expertise, industrial capabilities and responsive and transparent project management. With inventiveness as a trademark, they continue to push the limits of expertise through a new challenge set by the renowned Guerlain House.

Aptar Beauty + Home, the world leader in the dispensing packaging solutions industry for perfumery and cosmetics (sprays, aerosols, pump bottles, etc.) supports brands throughout the project process from design to creation, drawing on its accurate knowledge of trends and new consumer habits.

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