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Introducing Star Drop, a Dropper Solution for Ultra-Fluid Formulas

With the growing trend of “skinimalism” and the evolution of  more lightweight, water-like foundations with sheer and natural finishes, Aptar Beauty + Home has developed an outstanding dispensing solution for ultra-fluid formulas: Star Drop, a unique hybrid packaging with a patented smart valve technology delivering a highly accurate dose at each use.

By Allison Kieffer Skin Care and Color Cosmetics Marketing EMEA, Aptar Beauty+Home
13 Apr 2021

Design inspired by trends and consumer studies

According to this year’s Pinterest Business report, “skinimalism” is a major beauty trend. It revolves around using less products in our daily routine (for skincare and makeup) and emphasizes simplicity to embrace slow and natural beauty. “Natural everyday makeup” jumped by 180% as the most searched terms on the platform as well as “natural glowing skin” increasing fourfold in the search words.  For “skinimalism” one needs a precision dropper – that’s where Aptar Beauty + Home innovates with this new solution. Product flow is critical and often it is hard to control properly, and the pipette let’s the formula run and smudge during or after use. This is why Aptar Beauty + Home has developed a clean and practical solution to improve the overall user experience for consumers.

Two patents for a new generation dropper

Star Drop’s bottle is easy to squeeze, even with just one hand, and dispenses just the right amount of product. Thanks to a patented technology, its SimpliSqueeze® valve automatically cuts off the product flow as soon as one releases pressure on the barrel, with an instant retraction effect sucking the formula back inside the pack. This intuitive technology ensures clean and controlled dispensing every time, with no leakage. Its ultra-precise pipette applicator,also patented, is transparent allowing one to see the product rise inside the tip to control and deliver the right amount of formula, drop by drop.

“Star Drop provides a satisfying, almost magical feeling of control asexact dosages are dispensed. The gesture is super simple for consumers but the level of precision is unparalleled shares Patrick Bousquel, EMEA Skincare and Color Cosmetics Marketing Director,Aptar Beauty + Home.”

The SimpliSqueeze® technology combined with the high-precision pipette guarantees a flawless drop-by-drop dispensing with a clean finish. The ergonomics allow a high restitution rate of the formula and the packaging is recyclable. Its travel-friendly format reconciles design with effortless functionality for any fluid and ultra-fluid textures, whether makeup or skincare: foundation, primers, highlighters, serums, facial oils, beard oils and other. Thanks to its design and technology, it is the perfect match for high-value treatments or targeted serums.

Discover more about Star Drop and ask for a sample.

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