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Aptar Closures Unveils Embrace: Elevating E-commerce Packaging for the Beauty and Personal Care Markets

15 Nov 2023

Embrace by Aptar Closures addresses the growing need for e-commerce-capable packaging solutions with premium style, increased sustainability and robust features for shipping conditions.

In the next 4 years, Statista projected that the number of people worldwide who frequently make online purchases will grow from 57% to almost 70% of the world’s population. As consumers increasingly prefer online shopping and the e-commerce market grows, packaging is a critical factor in preserving the integrity of beauty and personal care products during transit all the way to the consumers’ doorsteps.  As a global leader in leveraging packaging innovation to address current and new market needs, Aptar Closures created an innovative solution – Embrace, a flip-top closure with non-visible e-commerce features designed to withstand harsh shipping conditions while also providing a premium aesthetic and consumer experience.

E-Commerce Capable

As products must endure a rough supply chain with a variety of shipping conditions to reach their destination, Aptar’s Embrace is designed with non-visible e-commerce features to avoid cracking, leaking and messes during transit.

Embrace’s innovative design includes several features that address different aspects of protection. The lid is embraced by the body to safeguard against side impacts, while the hinge protection minimizes damage from accidental drops. The side latches control the opening force and prevent accidental openings. Additionally, the back-off-resistant thread prevents any unintentional unscrewing during shipping.

Embrace is ISTA-6 Amazon Certified*, meaning it has been rigorously tested to withstand the harshest shipping environments. This benefits brands as it reduces extra prep fees and excess packaging while consumers receive a frustration-free unboxing experience.

Premium Aesthetics and Customization

In the beauty and personal care markets, premiumization is an increasingly popular trend. According to Ipsos, 72% of American consumers agree that the packaging design influences their product purchase decisions. Consumers prefer packaging with pleasing aesthetics and an elevated feel. Erin Harmon, Product Line Director, shared “While the e-commerce capability is Embrace’s strong technical value, we are pleased at how much customers are gravitating towards its aesthetics and customizable features.” The elegant design of this flip top with distinct finish textures, combined with its frost body and gloss lid gives it a premium and unique appearance that stands out on the shelf. In addition to the premium look and feel, Embrace makes custom packaging possible with logo capability, enhancing brand recognition and shelf presence.

Increased Sustainability

Sustainability is increasingly a top priority for brands and consumers alike. Embrace aligns with this focus, as its e-commerce features eliminate the need for liners, shrink bands, and other excess packaging waste. Embrace is fully recyclable and available in Post-Consumer Resin (PCR), assisting customers in reaching their sustainability targets.

Embrace the future of e-commerce packaging. Learn more about Aptar’s Embrace solution or contact us.


*ISTA-6 Overbox Testing Qualified. Test results vary based on the final formula and packaging size.

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