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Embrace is an e-commerce capable* flip top closure that is ISTA-6 qualified, and therefore designed to withstand the harsh shipping conditions of online shopping, while providing consumers with a delightful opening and dispensing experience.

Embrace helps increase shelf appearance with its elegant profile, in addition to its brand personalization capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Non-visible e-commerce features eliminate need for liners, shrink bands and other packaging that may contribute to waste
  • Logo customization capability
  • Premium shelf appearance
  • Fully recyclable
* ISTA-6 Overbox Testing Qualified. Test results vary based on final formula and packaging size.

Manufacturing Location: United States

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Why Choose Embrace?

  • E-Commerce Capable
  • Increase Shelf Presence
  • Delightful Consumer Experience
  • Increase Efficiencies

Designed to withstand extreme shipping conditions

  • Body embraces lid to provide protection from side impact
  • Back impact and hinge protection designed to minimize damage from dropping
  • Side latches to control opening force and prevent accidental opening
  • Back-off resistant thread to prevent accidental unscrewing

Stand Out on the Shelf

  • Create a differentiated look on shelf with frost body and gloss lid
  • Custom logo capability to personalize your brand

Ship with confidence

  • Prevent closure breakage and product leakage
  • No need to use difficult-to-remove excess packaging


Increased efficiency

  • Cost savings opportunities by avoiding shipping preparation fees
  • Reduce supply chain complexity and lead times by eliminating the liner
  • Reduce complaints and returns related to breakage and leakage during shipping

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