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The Intrinsic Role of Closures in Shaping a Brand’s E-Commerce Success

Why fit-for-purpose packaging design, functionality and sustainability are essential in delivering a reliable and responsible e-commerce strategy.

By Katie Schomberg Global Business Development Director, Personal Care & Home Care
24 Oct 2023

How much shopping do you do online today? How has that changed in the past few years, particularly since the global pandemic?

In recent years, many of us have begun to prefer browsing and buying from home and the number of online shoppers is only growing according to Statista. It predicts global revenue in the e-commerce market will reach $4 trillion in 2023 and hit $6 trillion by 2027. Additionally, it is projected that in the next 4 years, the number of people worldwide who frequently make online purchases will grow from 57% to almost 70% of the world’s population.

The Food and Personal Care sector tops the list for the fastest-growing sector in e-commerce. These sectors are set to see the highest growth according to Wicked Reports, with a projected revenue increase of 64.2%. Wunderman Thompson, a consulting firm that surveyed over 30,000 people familiar with e-commerce shopping and released The Future of Shopping Report 2023, found that 26% of consumers want better packaging to improve e-commerce delivery and 23% want greater environmental consideration. Aptar Closures has been anticipating this shift and has focused our research and development to meet these market demands.

Helping Brands Succeed in Omnichannel Sales

As a global leader in dispensing closures, we stay ahead of the market trends and leverage our passion and expertise for innovation to provide solutions to meet new market demands and help Consumer Product Goods (CPG) companies worldwide. We understand the importance of packaging that is made to withstand e-commerce harsh shipping conditions and prevent losses related to returns due to packaging breaks and product leaks. Therefore, we aim to provide brands with the packaging experience consumers expect.

For more than five years we have been committed to developing ISTA-6 Amazon-certified solutions, and we continue to strategically broaden our e-commerce, fit-for-purpose portfolio. With that, we are pleased to share our three newest solutions that are suitable for beauty, personal care and home care applications:

  1. Embrace is an e-commerce-capable flip top with non-visible e-commerce features for an intuitive consumer experience. A  premium look can be created with a frost body, gloss lid and custom logo capability.
  2. E-Simplicity is an e-commerce-capable flip top, available in 100% PCR, featuring a breakable, non-detachable lid-to-body feature, that is secure in transit, yet easy for consumers to open.
  3. Future Disc Top is an e-commerce-capable locking disc top. It can be opened and closed as needed for ‘on-the-go’ products. Comprised of PE, this mono-material closure is fully recyclable when paired with a PE or PET bottle.

In addition to being intuitive for consumers and providing a delightful unboxing experience, all three of these solutions build on in-depth technical and design expertise, leveraged to develop robust solutions to survive in transit while staying lightweight to keep sustainability goals in mind.

Furthermore, many products are available to be made with our Impact Resistant (IR) resin, a material that aims to reduce closure breakage in e-commerce channels. IR contains a higher ethylene content compared to standard copolymers, helping create higher impact strength solutions.

In-House E-commerce Lab & Expertise

As a participant in the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS) program since 2018, we aim to help companies provide a frustration-free unboxing experience while ensuring the product withstands transport and distribution network pressures. Our in-house ISTA-6 testing lab helps us quickly create and test designs that are attractive in retail while being robust enough to withstand challenging conditions experienced when e-commerce items are shipped. In addition to enabling a responsive time to market, this helps develop our in-house expertise on designing with e-commerce in mind to utilize in future developments.

This testing lab and expertise give brands confidence when selecting one of our stock closures or designing a custom solution for their final product. Brands benefit as Amazon doesn’t need to prep certified packages before shipping and therefore there are no prep fees to pay.  Consumers benefit as the package is meant to arrive at their home without leakage or breakage, in addition to receiving limited or no excess packaging.

Reach Your Sustainability Targets

As sustainability continues to be a driver for CPG brands, the true win really happens when e-commerce packaging is also designed with the people and our planet in mind to help brands achieve their sustainability goals.

By increasing the recyclability of closures, decreasing carbon footprint and limiting the need for tertiary packaging during shipping, Aptar’s e-commerce solutions not only perform well but also can help reduce customers’ environmental impact. With that, our solutions can help reduce the use of raw materials, energy consumption in the creation of additional packaging, and carbon emissions from unnecessary transportation when products need to be returned or re-shipped due to breakage or leakage. This aligns with Aptar’s ESG approach to create solutions that respect the environment, conserve natural resources and improve lives.

At Aptar, we collaborate with major e-tailers, brand owners, shippers, fulfillment services and container suppliers across the supply chain to create e-commerce packaging solutions that pass the industry’s rigorous standards. Our solutions help brands succeed at their e-commerce growth strategies and reach their sustainability targets, all while providing consumer satisfaction through packaging and product integrity. For more information, please visit us


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