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Aptar Food + Beverage Launches First E-Commerce Platform, In South America

Aptar Food + Beverage has launched an online ordering platform in Colombia, South America, designed specifically to serve two markets poised for sustained long-term growth in the region: bottled water and sauces and condiments.

26 May 2022

The new, streamlined online ordering process was created to serve small and medium-sized companies that require smaller order quantities than larger brands. It is an opportunity for Aptar to grow partnerships with smaller brands while giving them easy access to Aptar’s solutions that can help enhance their products, increase shelf appeal, and improve the overall consumer experience.

According to 2021 data presented by Euromonitor International, in Colombia, three leading brands represent approximately 35% of the bottled water market, while the remaining 65% is extremely fragmented into numerous smaller brands and private label products. Manufacturers of sauces, dressings and condiments also represent a very fragmented market segment with 45% composed of numerous smaller and mid-sized brands, and private label products.

Alexander Otálora, Central-South America Sales Manager for Food + Beverage, explains that this new online ordering system was developed with the needs of these specific products and companies in mind. Understanding that smaller organizations may not be able to meet standard ordering minimum quantity requirements, the new marketplace allows orders as small as 2,000 units.

Other key benefits of the platform include much-reduced lead times due to the elimination of the time-intensive import process. While normally, it may take up to eight weeks from order completion to product delivery, now products can be ordered online and delivered in a matter of days*. Additionally, no formal purchase orders are required, and payment is as simple as with routine online purchases using a credit card.

As a trusted partner, Aptar Food + Beverage continues to provide solutions and innovation to companies around the world. This new e-commerce platform is just another example of Aptar’s commitment and expertise in supporting product success for customers of all sizes.

To explore our new e-commerce portal, visit:

*As long as stock is available.

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