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Aptar Food + Beverage’s Snap Tops Make Sizzling Summer Grilling Easy and Enjoyable

27 May 2021

Makalu, Ultra Pour Spout, Samba, PolkaLite™, and Royal, five of Aptar Food + Beverage’s innovative snap tops, are star performers for fans of outdoor grilling.

Aptar Food + Beverage’s wide range of snap tops are valve compatible with the recyclable SimpliCycle™ valve – giving brands the ability to provide consumers a superior experience with their favorite products with ready-to-use and controlled dispensing systems that reduce the risk of leaks and messy cleanups. The wide-finger recess and easy-to-open lids may also be used with one hand, creating an easy and efficient consumer experience.

Makalu, Ultra Pour Spout, Samba, PolkaLite™, and Royal also give brands the ability to match the full packaging.  Furthermore, Royal’s two-colored design allows the whole package to stand out on the shelves, catching the attention of new consumers.

Aptar Food + Beverage remains dedicated to providing the highest quality closures for the food and beverage industries across the globe and to prompt response in meeting the strictest customer requirements. Aptar partners with customers to enhance and differentiate product brands that enhance the consumer experience.

Samples are available upon request.

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