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Aptar Pharma focuses on nasal drug delivery for drug repurposing

Aptar Pharma Discusses the Benefits of Drug Repurposing in April 2018 issue of ONdrugDelivery

19 Apr 2018

Aptar Pharma is featured in the April edition of ONdrugDelivery magazine, which focuses this month on Pulmonary & Nasal Drug Delivery.

Entitled “Drug Repurposing – Broadening Patient Accessibility Via a Change in Drug Delivery System”, the feature lays out the major benefits of drug repurposing for both the patient and pharmaceutical customer. Drug Repurposing is the application whereby an existing drug product is reformulated for a new route of administration and/or therapeutic area, providing major benefits for both the patient and the pharmaceutical customer.

Written by three of our Aptar Pharma experts, Badre Hammond – Associate Director, Market Development, Gerallt Williams, PhD – Director, Scientific Affairs and Herve Pacaud – Business Development Director, the article explains why the majority of drug repurposing projects we have participated in so far have resulted in a nasal device being the administration route of choice.

Aptar Pharma discusses partnering options for injectable devices via OnDrug Delivery.

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