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Beauty + Home Insights: The Rise of Mask-Proof Makeup Fixing and Setting Sprays

With the enduring and profound impact of COVID-19 in our lives, face masks have become an essential object of our everyday life. The makeup industry has managed to navigate through these challenging times, but one particular product category showed growing interests from customers and consistent demand from brands: makeup fixing and setting sprays.

By Allison Kieffer Operational Marketing Skin Care and Color Cosmetics, EMEA
1 Feb 2021

Setting sprays prevent makeup transfer on face masks

Makeup fixing or setting sprays are not new on the beauty market but they make a difference in those unprecedented times. These lightweight mists or sprays will set makeup in place and extend its wear, prevent smudging and meltdown and will keep your makeup looking fresh all day long. Some formulas may also control shine and oil while others may offer soothing hydration benefits.

With the pandemic, transfer-proof techniques and long-lasting makeup products are now booming on social media and the final step of the makeup routine is a quick spritz of setting spray to keep makeup from running and smudging, especially around the mouth and nose area that are covered and protected by face masks. Indeed, the heat and humidity caused by their wear – combined with sweat, sebum and moisture – are likely to fade or smudge foundation or lipstick, but that should not be the reason why you could not enjoy a full face makeup. You can also discover our foundation dispensing systems .


Aptar solutions for truly lasting makeup

Aptar Beauty + Home offers several spray pump options adapted to makeup fixing spray formulas, whether alcohol, oil or water-based, or other thicker viscosities formulas. The standard spray pump range also offers flexibility for brands seeking an eco-friendly approach.


Spray: many references adapted to various viscosities (oil-based, viscous or high viscosity)

Actuation: light and prolonged with PZ Heaven, upside down dispensing possible

Dosage: 140, 150, 190, 290 mcl

Finish: plastic

Airless versions available for fragile formulas to prevent air and light contamination


Spray: fine atomization; pump adapted to microfine to fine mists, lightweight formulas, broad range of inserts available

Actuation: light and aerosol-like

Finishes: metal and cristal cap

Dosage: 70, 100, 140, 200 mcl


Spray: pump adapted to lightweight microfine formulas (especially tonic, glycolic aqueous solutions, floral waters and emulsions), broad range of inserts available.

Actuation: lasts 3 times longer, combined with modular actuation, providing perfect dosage control

Finishes: metal and cristal cap

Dosage: 140, 200 mcl


Spray: fine atomization

Actuation: easy spray especially designed for large dosage

Finishes: metal or plastic straight shape, lockable option available

Dosage: 500 mcl


Let’s stay safe and wear face masks wherever is it needed: Aptar Beauty + Home and setting sprays got you covered.

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