Beauty + Home Insights: Three Packaging Trends Impacting the Dish Care Market

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By Kamil Huk Marketing Associate
11 Dec 2020

According to 2019 Euromonitor data, dish care is the third largest application field in the global Home Care market with over 7 billion annual units sold and a positive growth outlook over the next five years. Sustainability, convenience and e-commerce capable packaging are impacting packaging demands in the dish care market, and have become more critical throughout 2020.


The increase in consumer awareness around sustainability has created a new demand for eco-friendly products when it comes to formulas and packaging. Mintel reported an increase of ethical/sustainable product claims by 60% in new dish care product releases over the past 4 years and with consumers able to see their real time impact on the environment through COVID lock downs consumers are increasingly more interested in what they can do to help combat environmental stressors. Recently, Ecover collaborated with Aptar Beauty + Home to launch the first dispensing closure in Europe made from 50% post-consumer recycled resin (PCR). We were able to meet their desire for sustainable packaging and provide shelf appeal with vibrant packaging through the color matching process. Aptar is continuing our sustainability efforts towards a circular economy through offering a broad range of stock closure and dispensing solutions in up to 100% PCR.



As “me time” becomes more critical, convenience also becomes a forefront topic of conversation in the dish care category. According to Mintel, over the past 4 years there has been a 50% increase in “convenient packaging” claims in dish care. Balancing work and life from home are driving the “clean and go” trend and has prompted both new product formats and packaging. Our GSA and HiFlow pumps come in a range of options and are great for direct to sponge application for cleaning dishes directly after use. We also offer many snap tops and pour spouts for fast one-handed dispensing, along with continuous spray pressurized solutions for a new twist on dishwashing.



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Our last trend related to this topic is the need for e-commerce friendly packaging as more consumers head online for their purchases. Euromonitor data points to nearly 5% of all global dish washing products are now being sold through e-commerce channels. Consumers of all ages have quickly adapted to ordering their essentials online through the recent shut downs, and e-commerce sales continue to hold steady in all categories vs. traditional brick and mortar. This change in consumer buying habits have an immediate impact on packaging due to challenges that many of the traditional dispensing formats have in omni-channel supply chain (closures opening, dispensing systems breaking, and product leaking). Prep charges and added packaging such as bagging or taping add additional costs. As a result, our e-commerce capable packaging solutions are pre-qualified with Amazon ISTA-6 Overbox protocol to withstand complex supply chains and enhance the overall cradle-to-grave consumer experience through build in locking mechanisms that prevent leaking.




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