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Evolux by Aptar: A Luxurious Dispensing Experience for Guerlain’s Terracotta Le Teint

Aptar Beauty has collaborated with Guerlain to develop a high performance, luxury pump for its new Terracotta Le Teint foundation.

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By Leslie Personnat Marketing & Communications Sr Manager
4 May 2023

Building on a long-established relationship, the Evolux treatment pump was extensively tested with Guerlain’s advanced formula with Aptar’s Applied Science Department to ensure optimal formula compatibility and flawless dispensing. The pump also graces Guerlain’s Parure Gold rejuvenating foundation, launched at the end of 2022.

Evolux is Aptar Beauty’s best-selling, premium pump for the luxury market. Designed for prestige skincare and makeup products, it offers a high-end user experience and a sophisticated aesthetic finish. Evolux’ Alpha cartridge is POM-free and has a metal-free pathway. It is the only cartridge on the market perfectly adapted to the specific features of next-generation formulations like Terracotta Le Teint.

This collaboration with Guerlain has resulted in a perfect match between formula and dispensing system, preserving the integrity of the product and delivering an enhanced user experience,” says Patrick Bousquel, Marketing Director, Aptar Beauty, EMEA

Terracotta Le Teint is Guerlain’s first liquid powder, a 24-hour, no-transfer natural foundation of 95% natural origin. It offers the lightness of a powder and the perfection of a foundation in  30 true-to-skin shades, for an exquisite outdoor healthy glow.

Parure Gold is Guerlain’s 24-hour rejuvenating foundation with an ultra-sensory velvet texture, illuminating the skin in a no-transfer, all-matte 85% skincare-based formula.

Made in France at Aptar’s Le Neubourg plant, the metal dispensing system is anodized in gold, precisely matched with Guerlain’s signature color, with the brand’s ‘GG’ initials engraved on the top of the actuator – a prestige finish that adds high-end aesthetics to formula preservation and an improved user experience.

Terracotta Le Teint was launched worldwide in March 2023.

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Evolux is our metal-chic treatment pump designed for prestige beauty products. Its available in a broad range of dosage options and is highly-compatible with a wide range of formulas.

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