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INUNE, a New Collection of Refillable and Recyclable Fragrance Sprays by Aptar Beauty + Home

Applying one’s fragrance is a personal and intimate moment. In fact, there are 1,001 ways to apply fragrance depending on your personality, culture, season or even occasion. Your fragrance ritual is a sensorial and memorable experience significantly shaped by the spray. With the INUNE Collection, Aptar Beauty + Home offers four unique sprays through one platform: From a timeless classic to a multi-sensorial experience, each fragrance has its own ritual.

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18 Nov 2021

«INUNE confirms our strong prestige fragrance spray offering. Our teams have skillfully combined their extensive fragrance expertise in ritual gestures,  perfume neutrality and integrity, luxury design and technology. All of which take our planet into consideration, in line with our circular economy approach, this new collection offers refillability or recyclable solutions for our partners», highlights  Xavier Joseph, Vice President Global Marketing and Innovation, Aptar Beauty + Home.


Every detail in INUNE’s design is in line with luxury codes: classic and discreet, its height has been minimized and its mechanism is completely invisible.

Other features of INUNE: POM-free and 10% lighter than the alternatives on the market, it is perfectly suited for refillable perfumes. For optimal recycling, one can leave the spray on the perfume glass bottle and place it in the glass recycling stream (subject to local capabilities).

In addition, it is designed to meet the Centre Technique International de l’Embouteillage verre et PET (CETIE) market standards so that the spray is easily and interchangeably screwed onto any glass bottles following those norms.

«We were an active stakeholder at CETIE (Centre Technique International de l’Embouteillage verre et PET) on the screw norm definition due to our expertise in the fragrance category for the past 20 years» comments Elisabeth Salom L’Ancien, Global Fragrance Business Development Director, Aptar Beauty + Home.
It ensures a total olfactory neutrality as no metal components are in contact with the perfume.

With its particularly gentle action and its collection of 4 sprays, INUNE ensures a rare quality of applications, diffusions and an unequalled level of sensoriality for the end user.

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