Valvoline Selects Aptar to Bring a Better Consumer Experience to Motor Oil Packaging

26 Feb 2018

Valvoline™ set out to make changing oil easier, faster and cleaner for users of its Do It Yourself “DIY” motor oil products with their new, highly functional five-liter “Easy Pour Bottle” package. An exceptional user experience was at the heart of the bottle’s development, as Valvoline invited consumers to share feedback throughout the process, which was used to inform the most user-friendly package design possible.

Once a package design was in place, Valvoline engaged Aptar for their expertise and patented technologies to ensure seamless oil distribution and a positive user experience from start to finish. The new package features a low-profile dispensing pour spout with a built-in drain back feature and resealable, easy grip overcap.

It also features Aptar’s BAP® (Bonded Aluminum to Plastic) technology, which uses an aluminum liner to permanently weld the closure to the container. By incorporating BAP, which was critical to bringing Valvoline’s unique vision for the packaging to life, Aptar was able to deliver:

  • Innovative design that would be impossible with other materials. The bottle neck finish was optimally designed without the use of traditional threads, allowing for an eye-catching lower profile closure and material savings. In addition, BAP allowed for the incorporation of a swooping brand design that could not have been achieved with a threaded solution.
  • Superior sealing performance that offers leak-proof security during transport, allowing the package to pass the most rigorous ISTA e-commerce requirements, including changes in air pressure, drop test and packaging inversion, among others.
  • Improved security thanks to an integrated tamper evident pull-ring for consumer assurance. The full package liner is counterfeit deterrent, which is a priority in the motor oil industry to maintain product integrity and prevent loss or damage.
  • Enhanced convenience, as the BAP pull-ring enables a smooth and repeatable opening experience without the need of extra tools.

Besides BAP Technology, the dispensing spout utilizes Aptar’s patented anti-drip feature, which when coupled with the bottle’s anti-glug feature, allows for an easy, clean pour without the use of a funnel.

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