VIDEO: Infant Formula ‘The Aptar Way’

28 Feb 2018

Aptar Food + Beverage is passionate about creating innovative dispensing solutions to improve the lives of consumers around the world.

The next video of ‘The Aptar Way’ series shows how Aptar’s proprietary BAP® Technology enables greater hygiene, safety and convenience when preparing an infant formula bottle. This exciting solution engages consumers in a new packaging experience, and ultimately, drives brand loyalty.

  • Easy to open: The Plastic Pull Ring makes it easy and safe to remove the safety liner.
  • Easy to use: Aptar In-mold Scoop technology provides faster, more convenient and more hygienic dispensing than other solutions on the market. The scoop comes on top of the liner, integrated to the closure, while the Scoop Holder keeps it secure above the powder so the user never has to dig for it. That means no powder on the user’s hands, and most importantly, no contamination in the baby’s food.
  • Easy to dose: The scoop leveler makes it simple for care providers to ensure little ones receive the right amount of nutrition without the use of any additional tools.
  • Peace of mind: BAP® Safe and Fresh Seal provides a great sealing performance, maintaining product freshness and acting as a counterfeit deterrent by providing great tamper evidence, giving consumers and brand owners peace of mind that the product is safe.

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