Working At Aptar: The Women of Aptar

Inspired by our recent recognition by Forbes as one of the “World’s Top Companies for Women 2023” we asked female leaders to share more about their experience at Aptar.

22 Dec 2023

Aptar takes great pride in its recognition as one of Forbes’ “World’s Top Companies for Women 2023”, securing a position in the top 15. To celebrate this noteworthy accomplishment, we want to acknowledge the remarkable women who make up Aptar. 

Spanning the globe, Aptar is comprised of dedicated and talented women who embody the company’s values in all that they do. Each individual’s distinctive strengths contribute significantly to fostering an environment of innovation and inclusivity within Aptar. 

To explore the core of their contributions, we posed a question to the women of Aptar: “What is the most significant strength you bring to the workplace?” The responses were truly inspiring, ranging from qualities such as empathy, compassion, resilience, and more. 

Discover what these remarkable women had to say by watching the video below: 


Forbes Top Companies for Women 2023:

Aptar is proud to be named a World’s Top Companies for Women 2023 by Forbes for the third consecutive year (formerly World’s Top Female Friendly Companies). Aptar is among the top 5% of companies, ranked 13 out of the 400 companies included on the list by Forbes and their partner Statista.

“We are proud to be recognized by Forbes for the third consecutive year for our commitment to supporting women within our organization,” said Shiela Vinczeller, Aptar’s Chief Human Resources Officer. “This award is a testament to the diverse, equitable and inclusive culture that we are building, which allows us to attract and retain top female talent. This starts with our Board of Directors which is comprised of 50% women and our executive committee which is 37% women.”

ALIGN – Women’s Resource Group:

ALIGN focuses on gender equity and its purpose is to champion the development and upward progression of women regardless of gender. ALIGN will provide a forum for all employees to actively participate in Aptar’s Diversity & Inclusion initiatives and contribute in furthering D&I at Aptar. We have launched several employee resource groups including ALIGN, Aptar, Lead Inspire Grow Now, championing the development and upward progressions of women, BOLD, the Black Organization for Leadership, Diversity & Development, and ARC, the Aptar Rainbow Community for the LGBTQ+ Community and Allies at Aptar.

Learn more about our Diversity, Equitable and Inclusive culture here.



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